The More I See Gets AMPED By All Axess

This week’s AMPED Artist Of The Week is England-based metal band, The More I See. The official video to ‘The Eye That Offends’ off of the band’s latest album, 2013’s ‘The Disappearing Humans’ can be found below.

Since being formed in 2003 by former The Prodigy guitarist, Gizz Butt, The More I See has released four studio albums: 2005’s The Wolves Are Hungry, 2008’s The Unholy Feast, 2010’s Tread The Darker Path and 2013’s The Disappearing Humans and amassed a solid following across the world thanks to their incredible stage show and impressive amalgamation of progressive metal , hard rock and punk.

2013 saw the release of The More I See’s first ever video, ‘The Eye That Offends,’ which was filmed with director Phil Berridge of Creative Junkie Media on the actual Star Wars sets of Mos Espa, Jundland Wastes and Lars Homestead in Tunisia. At the time, The More I See frontman James Cluer said the experience was one he would always remember: “I’m a massive fan of ‘Star Wars’, so to visit Tunisia and film at some of the greatest film locations ever was really special. It was such an incredible experience to perform at the mighty canyons of the Jundland Wastes (‘Episode IV: A New Hope’), where Luke Skywalker and the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO first meet Obi-Wan Kenobi, as well as the city of Mos Espa (‘Episode I: The Phantom Menace’), and especially Luke Skywalker‘s home — Lars homestead (‘Episode IV: A New Hope’). It was a childhood dream of mine to see the igloo, and to get to film there with the sun setting behind us was something I’ll never forget!”

The More I See is currently preparing for their first show of 2015, which takes place on Tuesday the 27th of January at 229 on Great Portland Street, London. Follow the link below for more details.

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Official The More I See bio:

THE MORE I SEE was formed in 2003 by original member Gizz Butt who after a 4 year stint in THE PRODIGY ,reformed his 80’s Punk-Metal outfit ENGLISH DOGS for a USA tour and realised it was time to get back to the music he loved the most.
TMIS combine a mix of Progressive metal , hard rock and punk and is known for it’s great songwriting and exciting stage shows, It attracts a strong following due to it’s links with bands Crass , Sabbat , English Dogs and of course The Prodigy.
This will be the band’s first touring since successful appearances at Download , Hammerfest and Hellfest along with full European tours in venues such as The Underworld in Koln and The Logo in Hamburg.
The band spent six months intensive work in the studio recording their much anticipated 4th album .