Spotlight On AMPED Artist Pain Of Salvation

Featured below is a collection of videos from this week’s AMPED Artist Of The Week, Swedish progressive/alternative metal veterans, Pain Of Salvation.

Pain Of Salvation’s latest album, ‘Falling Home’ was released late last year via Inside Out Music. Despite being known more for their hard-rocking ways, the album sees the band explore other creative avenues and acoustically re-imagines ten of PoS’ most well-known songs, as well as two cover songs, Dio’s ‘Holly Diver’ and Lou Reed’s ‘Perfect Day’ and a brand-new song, ‘Falling Home.’ The band is currently at work writing a new album, which, according to an official press release, will, “see the band going back to its harder roots of the early albums again.”

We recently spoke with Pain Of Salvation vocalist/guitarist Daniel Gildenlöw about why the band decided not to tour, ‘Falling Home’ and instead write a new album: “We were considering going on a tour for this album, but we feel like we did the tour before the album, backwards, so to speak,” Gildenlöw explained. However, he was able to reveal that fans of the album did have something to look forward to: “That tour will be represented by a DVD called “The Great Unravelling” at some point later this year, and in the end we felt that a new studio album would be a better focus for us at this point.”

Stay tuned for the full, in-depth interview with Gildenlöw later in the week.

‘Falling Home’



‘Falling Home’ is in stores now, and can also be ordered direct from the InsideOut Music Shop here: http://smarturl.it/POSFHIO

The track list for ‘Falling Home’ is as follows:

  1. Stress
  2. Linoleum
  3. To the Shoreline
  4. Holy Diver
  5. 1979
  6. She Likes to Hide (physical-only bonus)
  7. Chain Sling
  8. Perfect Day
  9. Spitfall
  10. Modern Mother Mary
  11. Flame to the Moth
  12. King of Loss (physical-only bonus)
  13. Falling Home

Pain of Salvation online: www.painofsalvation.com