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BIOGRAPHY – Stone Gossard

Stone Gossard is the rhythm guitarist and a founder member of iconic grunge band Pearl Jam. He was born in Seattle in 1966. Stone is his real name and he also has two sisters named Shelley and Star (Stone, Shelley and Star – you couldn’t make it up!!).

He learned guitar while he was still at school, attending Seattle Northwest School and he graduated in 1984.

Stone Gossard became involved in the Seattle music scene when he joined the band March of Crimes. A more successful project followed with the band Green River who were later described as being the first grunge band in Seattle and the band released two albums on minor labels and some EPs.

In 1989 Stone Gossard founded Mother Love Bone and the band were targeted to be going places. They recorded a debut album but front man Andrew Wood died of a drug overdose before it could be released, ending the band before it started.

Stone Gossard met Mike McCready in 1990  – they had been school friends – and they decided to form a band. However, they were asked to be part of the Temple of the Dog project along with other Seattle based musicians as a tribute to Andrew Wood. The album was released through A & M records in 1991.

Pearl Jam was formed in 1990 by Stone Gossard, Mike McCready, bassist Jeff Ament (ex green river) and singer Eddie Vedder. The band’s debut album “Ten” was one of the best selling alternative albums of the 1990s. The band have since gone on to release nine studio albums and six live albums, a new live album to be released in 2011.

As well as his work with Pearl Jam, Stone Gossard has also worked on other musical projects. The band Brad comprised of members of Seattle based band Satchel and Gossard, have released five albums, the most recent “Best friends” in 2010.

Stone Gossard has also released a solo album titled Bay leaf which came out in 2001. A follow up has been planned but so far has not happened.

Stone Gossard formed his own record label along with fellow Brad mate Regan Heger. Their label Loosegrove records and associated studio, signed many artists including Queens of the Stone Age before closing in 2000.

Stone Gossard is best known for his work in Pearl Jam. His strong and hard rthymic guitar sound has influences of led zeppelin and funk. Stone Gossard also plays a resonator guitar and occasionally bass. Although is principally defined as a rythm guitarist he can often be heard playing lead on more recent Pearl Jam songs. Stone Gossard also writes a lot of the bands material and provides backing vocals and usually plays a Fender Telecaster or a Stratocaster or a Gibson Les Paul.