Superjoint Ritual, GWAR To Perform At 2014 Housecore Festival

The annual Housecore festival put on by none other than Phillip H. Anselmo is one of the key underground horror movie/metal festivals in the United States. Anselmo’s affinity for horror movies has always been something that fans of his know very well. His influence in heavy music is uncontested as the vocalist has been a staple in the music world since the legendary Pantera released Cowboys From Hell in 1990. Phil is pretty much the be-all and end-all for heavy music and horror films and as each year passes, the Housecore Festival audience has grown significantly.

Quite possibly the highlight of the festival, is the reunited Superjoint Ritual (billed as Superjoint.) It will be the first time in many years that the band will play together again on stage. The act was formed in the early 1990’s then released several albums in the early 2000’s before going on a hiatus. A super-group of sorts featuring musician Hank 3 as well as Eye Hate God’s Jimmy Bower, Anselmo himself, Kevin Bond, and Joe Fazzio. Superjoint, like Anselmo, has always remained ensconced in the underground music scene. It is safe to say that Phillip Anselmo is the world-wide ambassador of underground metal music and has waved the flag proudly for many, many years. With a career as legendary as any in the genre, the various projects Anselmo has involved himself in have been a natural progression for the artist.

There are various screenings of classic films such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the festival will feature other bands such as Voivod and Gwar (who just recently played their first show after the passing of vocalist Dave Brockie.) The festival is the perfect fix for horror and metal fans. Check out the excitement in Austin, Texas from the 23-26th of October.

Loudwire recently spoke to Anselmo during the segment Wikipedia: Fact Or Fiction about his Wikipedia page and the truthfulness of Wikipedia pages which artists either refute or elaborate on.