Here is a breakdown of Chris’s current equipment.


Spector Rex 4 Basses

    The Spector Professional Series Rex Brown Signature Electric Bass Guitar has 2 passive humbucking pickups to ensure quality sound. The 24-fret rosewood fingerboard and maple neck ensure a solid feel in your hands. Chris uses both a 4 and 5 string version with changed tuning on certain tracks.

    • Maple body with a high-gloss finish
    • Graphite 3 Ply Rock Maple Neck
    • 24-fret rosewood fingerboard
    • 2 passive humbucking USA EMG-HZ pickups with EMG active tone circuit
    • 2 volume and 2 tone controls
    • 0.045 – 0.100 medium-gauge nickel strings add warmth to the overall tone
    • Available in Black Stain and Holoflash Black (Opaque) with Black Hardware.
    Height: 45-1/2″
    Width: 12-1/2″
    Depth: 1-1/2″
    Weight: 11.0 pounds
    Guitar Type: Electric bass
    Guitar Size: Full-size
    String Type: Nickel
    Electric Pickup Quantity: 2
    Controls: 2 volume, 2 tone
    Outputs: Standard 1/4″ jack
    Top Material: Maple
    Side Material: Maple
    Back Material: Maple
    Pickguard: None
    Finish: High gloss
    Body Depth: 1-1/2″
    Neck Material: Maple
    Fingerboard Material: Rosewood
    Number of Frets: 24
    Pickups: 2 passive humbucking
    UPC: 838164004028


    Other Equipment

    The EMG-81 is a high output active humbucking pickup. The EMG81 is at its best used for high volume overdrive and amps with a master volume. One of the most popular EMG’s the 81 is the one that started a revolution. Utilizing powerful ceramic magnets and close aperture coils, the tone was designed with detailed intensity, incredible amounts of high end cut and fluid sustain. When used in both neck and bridge positions the sound can only be described as blistering. Other recommended pairings include the classic 81/85 setup and the versatile 81/60 combo.

    Simplicity RULES! No high-tech overkill between you and fast, fat tone. Straight-ahead circuitry delivers instant attack with massive authority. Just the brutal, potent truth, served up with mighty attitude. Our exclusive Simul-State technology provides all-tube performance from Input jack right up to the dual MOSFET power blocks.

    • 750 Watts @ 2 Ohms (550 @ 4, 280 @ 8)
    • Simul-State Power / 12 Tube Driven Power MOSFET’s, 4x12AX7
    • 8 Stage Vacuum Tube Preamplifier
    • Formats: Rackmount Bass Amp (2 Rack Spaces), Big Block 750 Head

    Mesa Boogie Traditional Powerhouse 810, bass cabinet, 8x 10″ speaker, 1200 watts (8x 150 watts), 4 Ohms, 2x thomann speakon/jack input, closed back, 4 separate chambers, TriPort bass reflex system, incl. wheels, tiltback system.

    The 1U rackmount SansAmp RBI is a pumped-up – expanded version of the popular SansAmp Bass Driver DI pedal.

    Bass players demand consistency, durability and versatility from their strings. Dunlop delivers. Dunlop Bass Strings offer traditionalists, slappers, and pick-wielding rockers cutting midrange, wide bottom end and a growl that will cut through any band. Carefully selected core-to-wrap ratios yield low tension strings with an extremely long life, and minimal break-in time. Each set is exceptionally well balanced string-to-string, and provides an amazing amount of dynamic range.


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