The Amity Affliction Gets ‘Amped’ By All Axess

This week, the All Axess ‘Amped’ band of the week is Australian Metalcore/Post-Hardcore band The Amity Affliction. You can check out the official music video for their song, ‘I Hate Hartley’ below.

Since forming six years ago in the small Queensland town of Gympie, The Amity Affliction have built a huge fanbase in their homeland of Australia. The bands powerful and highly energetic live performances, have seen them grow to become one of the countries most popular metal acts. The Amity Affliction fans are as fanatical about the band as anyone could be about a band. Just as we have seen from fans of several metal heavyweights, many Amity Affliction followers proudly show their love for the band by getting lyrics, and band art tattooed.

This loyalty from their fans has seen The Amity Affliction achieve previously unprecedented feats for an Australian metal band. Performing in front of sold-out Aussie audiences has become the norm. In May this year, the band sold over 15 000 tickets for their headlining Australian tour. Their most-recent album ‘Youngbloods,’ which debuted at #6 on the Album Charts in Australia, received nominations for Best Hard Rock Performance at both the ARIA and IMA Awards, and was also voted Best Album of 2011 on both Triple J’s ‘Short Fast Loud’ program, and in Blunt Magazine – surprising the entire industry and proving that a real fanbase wins over media hype and radio play. There is little wonder why Roadrunner Records have snapped these guys up.

While much of the band’s success has been put down to their prolific touring, it is the personalities of the members and the message they carry, which is that no one is alone, and everything is fixable, which has captured the attention of thousands of metalheads across Australia and around the globe.

This is a band full of people who have fought for everything they have, and a band of people who are encouraging young people to do the same.

In a day and age where few heavy bands of any substance will cross over to a greater audience, The Amity Affliction are using their voices to deliver a message as powerful as their music.

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