Unearth Return With New Single ‘The Swarm’ And Details Of New Album

Unearth have released a new track from their upcoming album ‘Watchers of Rule‘, their first release in three years since 2011’s ‘Darkness In The Light‘.

The Swarm‘ shows that Unearth are still on top form. Displaying their musicianship and technical prowess in the metalcore ring, with a combination of furious drum grooves, and intricate, melodic guitar lines, rounded off with with Trevor Phipps signature vocals.

In an interview last month with Metal Assault, Phipps explained why it has taken three years for the new album to be released stating;

Most of the music was recorded by June of 2013. I mean, there were some solos and fixes that happened after, but our drummer Nick [Pierce] got hurt the first month. His back got all f-ked, so it delayed the process. We had a tour in Europe the following summer, so the record was delayed over a month to six weeks and by the time we got done recording the music, it was time to go to Europe on tour. Our producer Mark Lewis had other projects too, so I had to kind of bounce to Florida when he had time to track for a couple of days at a time. So it was a time-consuming thing. I finished vocals on January 16th 2014, so the record has been done since then, but he jumped right in from doing my vocals to finishing the new Whitechapel record and then he went onto Cannibal Corpse. So it’s been a whole scheduling conflict, and just one thing after another delayed our album. But it’s been done for a while and it’s being mixed right now, finally. It was probably the hardest record for us to make, and we never really had a lot of time because of the delays we had on our side. It got kind of messy. It was a difficult record to put together but by the end of it, I think the songs were all there and it’s a f-king awesome record. So we’re all happy it’s about to finally come out.

The tracklist for ‘Watchers of Rule‘ is;

1. ‘Intro’
2. ‘The Swarm’
3. ‘Lifetime in Ruins’
4. ‘Guard of Contagion’
5. ‘From the Tombs of Five Below’
6. ‘Never Cease’
7. ‘Trail to Fire’
8. ‘To the Ground’
9. ‘Burial Lines’
10. ‘Birth of a Legion’
11. ‘Watchers of Rule’

Watchers of Rule‘ will be released October 28, via EOne Music.

Unearth are currently on tour in Europe and are set to tour North America in October with Carnifex, Darkest Hour, Origin, I The Breather, and Black Crown Initiate.  Tour dates can be found here.