Machine Head guitarist/vocalist Robb Flynn has revealed why he decided not to take up Drowning Pool’s offer to join the band.
In the latest entry to his online blog, Flynn recalled that shortly after Drowning Pool vocalist Dave Williams’ death from a heart condition in August 2002, he was asked if would be interested in replacing him: “…their manager offered me both a chance to sing for them as well as a pretty hefty paycheck.”
He said he weighed options carefully: “So for about 2 weeks Genevra and I debated about why I should or shouldn’t do this. We desperately needed the money.”
Ultimately, Flynn decided to put his conviction to the test: “So finally, I stood in front of a full length mirror, looked myself right in the eye and said to myself, ‘go ahead sing ‘Let The Bodies Hit The Floor’ with conviction AND, believe it.’ It’s a decent song, I’d seen them a few time live, they and Dave were good, but as I began singing it, something in my body just stopped. I couldn’t sing it, I couldn’t feel it and there wasn’t an ounce of conviction in the delivery. My body, my entire being rebelled on me!”
He continued: “It felt so wrong in every way possibly imaginable, I just could not do it. I called the manager and said ‘you don’t want me in your band, I have to lead bands, I’ll take over Drowning Pool, you don’t want that, good luck, and thanks for considering me.’”

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