Yngwie Malmsteen Launches RelentlessShred.com

Revered Swedish guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen has launched his new website RelentlessShred.com. The site can be visited by clicking on the link below.
According to a statement issued by Malmsteen, RelentlessShred.com will give members access to, “exclusive, never-before-seen content” and help them to become a, “master virtuoso.”
Site membership is available in four different packages starting at $34.99 a month.
The descriptions for the packages are as follows:
. Bronze Membership – Access to select performances and select tier 1 lessons.
. Silver Membership – Access to more performances and all tier 1 lessons
. Gold Membership – Access to most performances and all tier II lessons
. Master Membership – Full, unrestricted, all access VIP virtuoso master!

Click here to visit RelentlessShred.com.
In a recent interview with Spin magazine, Malmsteen said that he was relieved by the reemergence of quality guitar solos in music: “If people are getting back into playing good guitar solos, I’m obviously all for it. I don’t understand how music ever got to the point where they were a bad thing.”
He explained that for a period, it was unfashionable to shred: “In the early ’90s, something happened. All these alternative bands came out and couldn’t play and made fun of guitarists who could by saying they were over the top. I remember thinking, ‘What is this shit?’ But to quote [violinist and composer Niccolò] Paganini — and I put myself in the class with him and Hendrix — ‘One must feel strongly to make others feel strongly.’”
When asked if soloing was in need of some humanizing, Malmsteen replied: “I don’t think so. Less is not more. More is more. These punk musicians couldn’t play and were heralded for it. They couldn’t even tune their guitars, yet people thought I was the self-indulgent one? I think every player worth listening to realizes now that limitations are for the lazy.”