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best guitar riffs of 2014

Total Guitar’s Best Guitar Riffs of 2014 List Will Surprise You…

…well, it’ll surprise most people, anyway. Total Guitar Magazine has conducted a poll to find out what its readers think are the top guitar riffs of 2014, and we’re pretty sure that there will be a fair few people who are surprised by the resulting top list. Settling on the nine top riffs of the… READ MORE

Steel panther stocking song

When Steel Panther Do Christmas, The Result Is ‘The Stocking Song’

The holiday season is in full swing and it wouldn’t be complete with out a brand new festive song from Los Angeles based Glam-metal quartet, Steel Panther, with all the lyrical antics you have come to expect from the band.  A lyric video has also been released for the new song, ‘The Stocking Song‘, and… READ MORE

Steel Panther Guitarist Satchel Tells You How to Reach Metal Glory!

Steel Panther have been rising to the top of the metal world with their iconic and spiritual lyrics mixed with crushing as well as groovy riffs. With songs such as “Glory Hole” and “Asian Hooker” and their lovely 80’s attire, you know they are true men who are meant to be taken seriously. Guitarist Satchel… READ MORE