Army of the Doomstar

Review: ‘Metalocalypse’ Movie Concludes the Dethklok Odyssey with a Grand, Savage Climax

Cartoon version of the Dethklok band

Our Insight on the Eagerly Anticipated ‘Army of the Doomstar’ Film

After a ten-year hiatus, the world finally hears from Dethklok again, the iconic death metal band synonymous with not just groundbreaking music but also as a colossal economic powerhouse. Following their last heartfelt adventure in 2013’s rock opera, “The Doomstar Requiem,” where the essence of friendship and metal triumphed, the narrative picks up at a critical junction in the anticipated movie, “Army of the Doomstar.”

Sadly, the charismatic group falls dramatically short in their destined role as foretold in a prophecy that has haunted them since their debut, inadvertently ushering the apocalypse and the fall of humanity – the Metalocalypse is not just here, it’s their doing.

The sequel witnesses a reborn Dethklok gearing up for an album release and a tour until unforeseen complications, primarily Nathan Explosion’s emotional collapse and dashed romantic dreams, disrupt the plans, plunging the global economy into chaos.

As the band’s influence morphs from a source of entertainment to a religious institution, they retreat to work on a redemptive piece, the Song of Salvation. This melody stands as the last bastion against the impending rise of the evil Mr. Salacia and the imminent obliteration of society. Yet, the path is fraught with unforeseen challenges and terrifying revelations in a world reshaped by their actions.

“The Army of the Doomstar” distinguishes itself from its predecessors in more ways than one. Moving away from the whimsical, ironic comedy that peppered the original series, this movie emerges as a monumental sci-fi thriller, drawing parallels with the iconic 1981 film, “Heavy Metal,” and the edgy magazine it originated from. Accompanying this shift in tone is the remarkable leap in animation quality, showcasing Brendon Small’s (the co-creator and director) evolution in crafting visually stunning and dark psychedelic scenes that will leave hardcore fans awestruck.

However, this film is not without its imperfections. A notable drawback is the centralization of Nathan Explosion’s storyline, which seems to overshadow other prominent characters, such as band manager Charles Ofdensen and guitarist Skwisgaar Skwigelf. This shift reduces the once prominent figures to mere backdrops, somewhat thinning the rich culture the band had established throughout the series. Despite these choices being arguably necessary for a feature film format, it does leave a longing for the ensemble dynamic that fans have come to adore.

While “Army of the Doomstar” may not evoke the same humor and light-hearted spirit that characterized earlier Dethklok escapades, it compensates through a visual spectacle filled with extreme melodrama and ultra-violence. Culminating in a jaw-dropping finale, the film guarantees to incite a frenzy of air fist-pumping from the audience. Perhaps, in the era of 2023, amidst the Pickle Ricks and Bojack Horsemen, the metal enthusiasts deserved a narrative this ambitious, this monumentally brutal – a narrative that feels worth witnessing, worth experiencing to its apocalyptic end.

More About the Inspiration Behind the Dethklok Movies

Poster for the 1981 cult classic movie "Heavy Metal"

The 1981 cult classic “Heavy Metal” is a Canadian adult animated anthology science fiction fantasy film. It stands as an epitome of the confluence of animation and music in the early ’80s. It draws its roots from the magazine of the same name which was popular during that period, known for its fusion of dark fantasy, science fiction, and steamy artwork, often paired with narratives that pushed the boundaries of traditional storytelling.

The movie itself is an anthology that features a series of surreal, violent, and sexually charged stories, unified by a central theme revolving around an evil, green, glowing orb known as the “Loc-Nar.” Each segment in the anthology offers a different style of animation, an eclectic soundtrack featuring the heavy metal music of the era from bands like Black Sabbath, Blue Öyster Cult, Cheap Trick, Devo, Stevie Nicks, and Journey among others. This iconic soundtrack not only gave the film its name but also heavily influenced the aural landscape of the animated works that followed, including the Dethklok movies.

The surreal and often dystopian narratives in “Heavy Metal,” combined with its innovative animation techniques and a groundbreaking soundtrack, became a significant source of inspiration for several future productions, including the Dethklok movies. The saga of Dethklok mirrors the edginess and the dark, musical narrative, weaving a tale that resonates with the raw energy and the uninhibited storytelling that “Heavy Metal” championed.

Where to Watch the Dethklok Movies

As for accessing and buying the Dethklok movies, including the latest “Army of the Doomstar,” fans have several options. They can check popular movie retail platforms or streaming services where movies are sold or rented.

Websites such as Amazon, iTunes, Google Play Movies, and Vudu are commonly used platforms for purchasing or renting movies. Additionally, fans should keep an eye on the official website or social media channels of Dethklok for announcements regarding the release, exclusive collector’s editions, merchandise, and other memorabilia that often accompany new movie releases.

Moreover, for a more immersive experience, enthusiasts might explore the possibility of attending special screenings or film festivals, where such movies sometimes premiere. This not only allows fans to enjoy the film but also engage in discussions and maybe snag some exclusive merchandise.

Remember to check the availability in your region as it may vary, and new platforms might emerge, offering even more ways to enjoy the epic conclusion to the Dethklok saga.

The Symphony of Apocalypse: Unveiling the Sonic Landscape of “Army of the Doomstar”

In the realms of heavy metal and animated filmmaking, few sagas have managed to create a seismic impact as the Dethklok series has. As the curtains draw on this epic narrative with “Army of the Doomstar,” it becomes imperative to turn our attention to one of the saga’s stalwart characters, its music. A character that has not only complemented the narrative but often drove it, molding the dark, frenzied world that Dethklok inhabits. Here, we venture into the raw and pulsating heart of the film – its soundtrack.

A Legacy of Metal Brilliance

Following the footsteps of its predecessors and the influential 1981 movie “Heavy Metal”, “Army of the Doomstar” carries forward a rich legacy of blending heavy metal with animated storytelling. The soundtrack is more than a mere background score; it is an entity that embodies the chaos, the rebellion, and the apocalyptic fervor that the narrative encapsulates.

The Maestros Behind the Magic

The orchestrator of this sonic odyssey is none other than Brendon Small, the co-creator of the series, who has again donned the hat of the music director for this film. Small, a virtuoso musician, has been at the helm of creating some of the most iconic metal anthems through the Dethklok series. His expertise in meshing narrative elements with musical compositions shines brighter than ever in this latest installment.

Track Breakdown: A Journey Through Hell and Back

While the complete tracklist is yet to be officially released, early reviews suggest a mix of thrashing rhythms, powerful drumming, and electrifying guitar solos that echo the turmoil and the grandeur depicted on the screen. Each composition is carefully crafted to mirror the highs and lows of the narrative, creating a synchrony that immerses the audience into the world of Dethklok like never before.

The return of iconic tracks, reimagined and re-engineered, can be expected, providing not just a sense of nostalgia but enhancing the gravity of the narrative’s culmination. It is speculated that new compositions will bring forth a symphonic blend of classic metal with elements of doom and progressive metal, marking the evolution of the band and the series itself.

Reception and Legacy

“Army of the Doomstar” is set to redefine the boundaries of what an animated musical saga can achieve. Early critics have hailed the soundtrack as an ‘apocalyptic symphony’, one that reverberates with the raw power and the brutal beauty that has been the hallmark of the Dethklok series.

Where to Find the Soundtrack

For enthusiasts looking to own a piece of this historic musical journey, the soundtrack is expected to be available on various platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. Physical copies, collector’s editions, and vinyl releases might also be on the horizon, providing fans with a tangible piece of the Dethklok legacy.

In conclusion, the “Army of the Doomstar” promises not just a visual feast but a sonic extravaganza, a testament to the unparalleled fusion of heavy metal and animated storytelling. It stands as a tribute to a journey that began over a decade ago, echoing the tumultuous, yet awe-inspiring saga of the world’s most powerful (fictional) metal band. It’s not just a soundtrack; it’s the beating heart of a narrative that has enthralled audiences worldwide, promising to reverberate in the annals of metal and animation history for years to come.