Originally created by Jeff Kendrick and Mike Spreitzer of DevilDriver, AllAxess.com was designed to be a site by guitarists, for guitarists. While other sites provided videos and tutorials that taught you how to play famous songs and riffs, they were rarely created by the artists that wrote or performed the songs, so viewers could never really be sure if they were being shown how to play the song in the way that the artist intended. AllAxess was and is designed to correct that problem by providing tutorial videos created by the artists that created the songs in the first place.

From this initial vision, AllAxess.com has grown to become a hub for guitarists and fans of metal music in general. The site now includes other content, such as a buzzing news section that focuses on guitarists, rig rundowns, gear tutorials from professionals, gig reviews, and a very popular guide covering the complete list of guitars for new guitarists.


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