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Lamb of god hourglass album

15-Year-Old Indonesian Girl Performs Outstanding Cover of Lamb Of God’s ‘Hourglass’

Have you seen Meliani Siti Sumartini perform an amazing cover of Lamb of God‘s ‘Hourglass?’ If not, check it out – the cover is absolutely devastating and well-executed. The younger generations of musicians are becoming more technically proficient at an earlier age and with the reach of the internet, are becoming sensations in their own… READ MORE

Exclusive: DevilDriver’s John Boecklin Lists Favorite Songwriting/Guitarist Combinations

DevilDriver‘s John Boecklin has been kind enough to send over his exceptional list of “Riff Bros” which, in his own language, personifies some true partnerships in the songwriting arena. So, over to John… I find the following guitar bros to electrify meaning and style out of the stringed rigs of this earth. This list in… READ MORE

Throwback Thursday: Q&A with Lamb of God’s Willie Adler

As we alluded to last week when we posted up our Q&A With Mårten Hagström of Meshuggah, we’ll be delving through the All Axess video archives to see if we can find something that we haven’t released, that might be of interest to our readers. We dug deep, and we’ve come up with a really… READ MORE