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Critical Acclaim: Top 5 Korn Albums

When Korn released the new video for their track Hater a few weeks ago, it got us all talking here at All Axess Towers. Exactly which Korn album would we describe as being the very best?

Everybody had different opinions of course. Some went for musical quality. Others plumped for the album that brought back their fondest memories. After many, many hours of discussion, we still hadn’t come to a unanimous decision as to which would even round out the top three or four, let alone the best one. So, we thought we’d try a little experiment and leave it to the professionals. We rounded up as many professional reviews of the band’s albums as we could, and averaged out their scores. The result was a little surprising, if we’re honest.

For reference, the albums considered were Korn, Life is Peachy, Follow the Leader, Issues, Untouchables, Take a Look in the Mirror, See You on the Other Side, Untitled, Korn III: Remember Who You Are, The Path of Totality, and The Paradigm Shift.

So, out of the 11 considered albums, which make the top five? Which would make YOUR top five? Hit the button below to see how they ranked.

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Ken Barnes

Ken has been a gamer since 1986, and is a fan of all things retro. He's also a big fan of metal, and has clown hair.
  • Jonathan

    1. Korn
    2. The Paradigm Shift
    3. Untouchables (where was that one?)
    4. The Path of Totality
    5. Follow the Leader

  • Andrés Roldán

    I swear I could smell some marketing scheme around here…

    • WhistleBlowPop

      Do elaborate…

      • Lucas Quintana

        How about the fact that they listed the three newest albums?

        • WhistleBlowPop

          Well the article says its based on review scores and the scores are listed so go figure.

  • Samuel Chavarría García

    The Path of Totallity is the worst of the worst. They gave them high rates because they were all trying to get the Dubstep into industry.

    • Gordon Hawke

      Its not worst, its different.

    • Matt Olson

      The Path of Totality was a mixed bag. When it works, it REALLY works. (Get Up!, Narcissistic Cannibal) and when it doesn’t it’s really bad! (My Wall, Illuminati) It was originally supposed to be a 5 song EP. 3 new songs and remixes of Oildale and Blind. Then they decided to make it a full album. You can pretty much tell which ones were thought up at the last minute. They’re very lazy.

  • Gordon Hawke

    1-Take a Look in the Mirror
    4-Follow the Leader

  • Joshua Sutton

    Really? Untouchables or Issues doesn’t even make the grade. Probably the two best blended albums in their discography. Heavy as elephants chasing biggest loser contestants. And has every element of sound from before and after that time period. Disappointing.

  • Joshua Sutton

    1. Untouchables.
    2. Follow the leader.
    3. Self Titled.
    4. Issues.
    5. Paradigm Shift or TALITM. Can’t split them.

  • Alex Sahlin

    Ah hell no. The paradigm shift is WAY worse than follow the leader. It’s far more worse than any of their other albums.

  • James

    Im sorry cant agree with these rankings – though Path of Totality had some really good songs, you can’t miss out on Untouchables, Issues and Take a Look in the MIrror. Even Untitled is a better album than Korn III! My top 5 would be 1. Take a Look in the Mirror, 2. Korn, 3. Untouchables, 4. Follow the Leader, 5. Untitled

  • The Missing Patient

    This list is horrible. Here’s the truth, from a fan since the beginning:
    1. Life Is Peachy (1996)
    2. Issues (1999)
    3. KoRn (1994)
    4. Untouchables (2002)
    5. Follow the Leader (1998)
    6. Take A Look in the Mirror (2003)
    7. Korn III: Remember Who You Are (2010)
    8. The Paradigm Shift (2013)
    9. The Path of Totality (2011)
    10. Untitled (2007)

    • WhistleBlowPop

      There is no “truth.” Lists are subjective.

      Although the one we’re commenting on is based on critic reviews, rather than subjectivity. But I guess reviews are subjective, so…

    • João Matos

      I totally agree with ur list

  • PieAreSquared

    I’d say my top 5 would be:
    1. Issues
    2. Untouchables
    3. KoRn
    4. Follow the Leader
    5. Take a Look in the Mirror/See You on the Other Side

  • DeadStretch

    1- Life Is Peachy
    2- Follow the Leader
    3- See You on the Other Side
    4- Issues
    5- Untouchables

    Those are mine.

  • Joe Hazell

    Wow… Path of Totality 1st?!
    My top five is:
    5. Korn III
    4. Paradigm Shift
    3. Life is Peachy
    2. KoRn
    1. Follow the Leader

  • Thomas Moudy

    #1.) Issues
    #2.) Untouchables
    #3.) The Paradigm Shift
    #4.) Korn III: Remember Who You Are
    #5.) Path of Totality
    #7.) Follow the Leader
    #8.) Korn
    #9.) Life is Peachy
    #10.) Untitled
    #11.) Take a Look in the Mirror

  • Johnker Santamaria

    Obviously it`s a subjective discussion. But We have to recognize that Korn didn´t find the way to their original sound. They have been exploring some new sounds individually so in the process to incorporate that sound to korn, just failed. So far Life Is peachy is the best album, away from the conventional music, something rarely seen.

  • Tristan Loparo

    Path of totality is garbage. it should not be on the list. the others are great but where is take a look in the mirror?

  • Pacceli Narbal

    It’s funny to see how TALIM is in everyone’s top 5 (even mine which is 1-Korn 2-TALIM 3-Life is Peachy 4-Follow The Leader 5-not sure) but the guys in Korn dont seem to like it very much.

  • Michael John Will Jr.

    1 Peachy
    2 Korn
    3 Take a Look
    5 Path

  • Robert Anthony Diaz

    1. KoRn
    2. Follow the leader
    3. Life is peachy
    4. Untouchables
    5. Issues
    Boom. There you go

    • Alex Sc

      so true!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m afraid this band will become everlasting…

  • Frederick

    1. KoRn
    2. Untitled
    3.Life is Peachy
    4.Remember Who You Are
    5. Issues

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