Ok, so you’ve already been using your friends guitar and hitting some online guitar lessons. It’s time to take one of your own.

These weekend jam sessions are no good since the only practice you get in 20 minutes before and after.  So we are here to hit you with hands down, greatest top 10 electric guitars all newbies should try.

We are tired of seeing junk guitars suggested on other supposed top 10 list. So we just wanted to blow those out of the water and cut to the chase. Brand new player? Not a lot of cash to spare? Jump on it and snag one of these great axes today! 

ImageElectric GuitarSummaryRating
Epiphone Les PaulEpiphone Les Paul StandardGuitar that last for years at an affordable price

 Fender ModernFender Modern Player TelecasterFantastic sound with a classic look.

Dean V DaveDean V Dave Mustaine24-fret neck with pure metal tones.

Yamaha PacificaYamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V - ReworkedProduces clean sound. Perfect for those are just starting out.

IbanezIbanez RG450DXSwift and uninterrupted sound with affordable price.

Jackson JS32TJackson JS32T KellyGreat and stylish guitar. Perfect for mid to high gain tones.

Epiphone LPEpiphone LP-100 Les PaulGreat quality for a budget guitar

Squier Classic VibeSquier Classic Vibe Stratocaster 50sModern technology collides with a vintage vibe.

Epiphone G 310Epiphone G-310 SGRich Balance and clear distortion. Classic guitar wrapped

ESP LTDESP LTD M100FMGreat versatile tones and a beast at an incredible price.

Top 10 Beginner Electric Guitars

1. Epiphone Les Paul Standard

The Epiphone Les Paul Standard electric guitar is simply in our opinion the top of the list guitar. This is a guitar that last for years.

It has the best reviews across the board. Epiphone Les Paul has created every type and price guitar on the market.

From the Honey burst standard to the plus top pro, they hold their market value. Even used Les Paul’s go for a considerable amount now days.

This standard series has a mahogany body with maple top, mahogany style neck. The rosewood fretboard gives it just the flair you need.

It truly has that familiar feel that Les Paul players are drawn to.

If you are looking for a quality guitar at an affordable price, go with this Epiphone Les Paul Standard electric guitar.

2. Fender Modern Player Telecaster

Fender Modern

For those who love certain electric guitar brands, Telecaster certainly is that brand. Fender has continued to expand their guitars to fit every budget under the sun. This entry-level axe is no cheap option.

From this fender model to the thin line deluxe, Fender has continued to make amazing entry level guitars. It has fantastic sound with a classic look.

It’s design is meant to show credibility. With the HSS pickup combo it sounds great and is easy to play.

Yes the look is a bit unconventional but Fender is known to be unconventional. With the triple pickup and alpine body, you know you have a Fender in your hand when you hold it.

As with most Telecaster models it has the chrome-dome” control which really reveal that classic guitar. Regardless if you get it in this color, honey burst or charcoal transparent, get ready to jam.

3. Dean VMNT Dave Mustaine


This guitar just looks awesome. It is undeniably sweet. You want punk rocker look starting today. Order this work of art now. Dean Mustaine Signature VMNT Series guitars are meant to meet the metal group right where they want to be found, look and sound. Included in this are two standard humbuckers. This gives the flair, low-end and midrange definition someone needs to jam like Mustaine has for 25 years with Megadeth. It does not have that cheap entry level guitar bite. It gives pure metal tones that can dramatically include your sound. With a 24-fret neck, you just need skill to play on this. With a mahogany body and bolt-on construction, you know you have an ultra-playable VMNTX in your hand.

4. Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V – Reworked

Yamaha Pacifica

The Yamaha Pacifica is one of those guitars that gets great reviews all across the board. If you watch youtube videos or just have a friend who owns one, you know the clean sound it produces. This Yamaha PAC112 is designed specifically for those who are just starting out. With two single-coiled pickups installed, you can really get that feel and sound as soon as you hit those first notes. Many folks prefer the the coils over the humbucker. Thankfully this guitar gives you both options. With the alder body and maple neck, you will know immediately you are moving up in the guitar brands. It comes in black, natural and several other options at a very affordable price.

5. Ibanez RG450DX


Ibanez is one of those iconic guitar brands that everyone knows and understands. If your looking to build your reputation in this market, starting with a Ibanez makes sense. It has that classic mahogany body, with white pickguard that pulls together the rosewood fingerboard beautifully. The triple pickup combination and Edge-Zero II Tremolo bridge kills most other competitors. This is one of those metal machine playing instruments everyone wants. It simply is smooth and quick with perfect frets. This is not a low end guitar, it simply is an affordable one. With some crisp color options most people are going for the metallic blue but this guitar is great in any color. It has swift and uninterrupted tones. The RG450DX is top notch at an affordable price. Grab one of these today.

6. Jackson JS32T Kelly

Jackson JS32T

We love Jackson guitars here so we may be a little bias. But this Jackson JS32T Kelly Electric Guitar is a jam fest in your hands. With high-output ceramic-magnet pickups, graphite-reinforced maple neck makes it one to buy at any stage. The Z shape look just makes it more enjoyable to show off. With a basswood body and the classic bolt-on maple speed neck, you will own this guitar for years to come. It is genuinely comfortable to hold and play. The bound fingerboards and headstocks, and black hardware gives it more power than you’d expect at this level. It’s a great guitar. It certainly is a stylish guitar. This guitar is geared toward those players who prefer mid to high gain tones. It has all the high outputs you need coupled with the bound fingerboards and Sharkfin inlays, you’re ready to instantly sound dynamic.

7. Epiphone LP-100 Les Paul

Epiphone LP

The Epiphone LP-100 is an underrated guitar in the mix of any list. If you are looking for a “budget guitar” look elsewhere, this fits the price but not the quality. It is anything but “budget”. If you’re just learning to play, and have your online courses in the background, bring this guitar home for a jump in your skillz. It provides a great user experience while keeping that tonal versatility style Epiphones are known for.

With a classic sunburst finish, you will know this guitar from the other side of the room. Humbuckers really do what they are designed to do. Yes if you are a beginner, you will love this guitar for those on a budget. But a serious guitar for anyone featuring a bolt-on mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard are easy to play. Features 700T/650R open-coil humbucker pickups and chrome hardware.

8. Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster 50s

Squier Classic Vibe

The Squier Classic Vibe Statocaster 50’s is Squier’s best value guitar. This guitar is ready to play right out of the box with 3 pickups. It’s maple neck is both fast and smooth for new and aged players. Tone qualities accommodate any genre of music.

For your new or old collection, why mess with anything else? It is without a doubt Fender quality. With a cool finish and on an alder body with 21 fret vintage tint maple neck, it’s a beauty. It has so many distinctive features we don’t know where to start with this one. It is a classic at an unbeatable value. Modern technology collides with a vintage vibe. The gloss polyester finish only ads depth to the maple neck and fingerboard. It’s truly a modern 50’s classic.

9. Epiphone G-310 SG

Epiphone G 310

The G-310 Epiphone guitar is a gorgeous guitar right out of the box. The humbuckers are great for this guitar. It has rich balance and clear distortion that hit’s some great notes. With the classic ‘67 look, rosewood fingerboard and bolt-on mahogany neck, it’s a classic guitar trapped in a new era body.

This guitar is packed with quality hardware from the 650R open coil pickups to the LocTone Tune-o-matic bridge. It has a classic 14 degree headstock that gives you a great grip that you would remember from years gone by. Epiphone does a great job entering the starter guitar market with this G-310. For our top 10 electric guitars, it belongs on this list.

10. ESP LTD M100FM


The last on our list does not me it’s our last pick. In fact this ESP LTD M100FM is a beast at an incredible price. It has great versatile tones. The flame maple top is a beautiful thin veneer, giving you an overlay that last through all bangs and bumps. The clean channel play and reverb gives this almost an acoustic like sound. It is a low-maintenance electric guitar with confident sounds.

This ESP LTD M100FM belongs on our top 10 list not just because of price but because of style. It has a basswood body and maple neck that really lets the rosewood fingerboard pop. The Floyd Rose special bridge and locking nut give it that over the top, non-standard quality you’ve come to expect from ESP.

With the invention of the internet, knowledge is extremely accessible for all levels of guitar players. In days gone by, you would have to manually figure out what type of guitar to buy and it would be easy for some storehouse salesmen, to take advantage of new guitar players. But today, with reviews, amazon, guitar center and a host of other resources, you can literally spend your money on a guitar that is not just great in price but a great fit for you.

We have created a robust list of the best beginner electric guitars on the market for a reason. We wanted to provide a trustworthy list. Something you can count on, as we create new guitars, we know you will come back to learn which one to buy. Each step of your progress can have a personal coach to walk you through your next purchase. And that is what we came up with our top ten list.

Even if you’re brand new to electric guitars or guitars in general, this list coupled with a great online lesson with getting you center stage in no time. From learning basics like the BM Chord to simply jamming acoustic style, will give you the experience you need to move forward with your guitar.

When looking through this list, take a minute to review the Amazon reviews. They tend to have every level of experience telling you the quality and sound of these guitars. We are super thankful for those who have taken the time to review them. Not only on this list but all our others. From electric guitars to acoustic guitars and everything in between. These lists give you access to some of the best prices on the internet with some of the most reviewed brands on the market.

The Starter Electric Guitar 2020 Buying Guide:

When buying or looking for an electric guitar, there’s a lot of different things that you should be looking for. For instance, you may want a model that has good quality and great sound. What are your primary wants in a guitar? Label them and write them down. Some of the best artists have looked at guitars and purchase them for different reasons. Your reason for buying an electric guitar at this stage in your development should primarily be both cost and quality. That’s why we have assembled this top 10 list. Our goal here is to assist you in making the most affordable yet cost-effective purchase of your early electric guitar career. Then tell your story to the world. 

When you’re looking for a guitar it’s essential that it assist you at being an all-around better guitar player. You’re going to want to look for things like size, strings, the hardware, and much much more. Depending on your age you will want to review the shape and weight. Obviously, things like body weight of the guitar will make some difference. One’s that are too heavy will be difficult for a small statured individual to learn with.

In terms of quality of sound, one thing you may want to do is look at bands that you’re familiar with and the style and type of guitars that they utilize. Look at things like who the manufacturer? Are they stock strings? What type of amp are they utilizing? All these play an important factor in the sound quality that you hear coming from the guitar.

We really want you to focus on two factors price and quality. We have one go on this list to give you the best and most affordable guitars on the market. when executed properly you will have an entry-level guitar this sounds like a top-of-the-line guitarist.

Between having a great guitar and taking either online courses for or in your local city by a seasoned instructor you will find your progress to move very quickly in the right direction. It takes hard work and dedication.

Affordable Starter Electric Guitars

Of course when you’re starting out $300 for a brand new guitar, that you’re not really sure you know how to play, can seem very expensive. We suggest you check out our post on the top 25 brands and guitar brands. Make an adjustment to your guitar and buying aftermarket upgrades can really enhance even the most entry level axes in the market. We have a bunch of solutions throughout this website as well as  known guitarist inform you methods and techniques to enhance this new hobby.

Just because this is the top 10 best electric guitars for beginners doesn’t mean that you’re compromising on quality. Now, of course, they’re better guitars that sound fantastic but what good are they if you haven’t mastered the skill yet. So let us help you through the online courses or through these inexpensive beginner options.

What About Guitars For Kids?

So you have young kids that are learning to play the guitar and you’ve gone through this list and now you’re wondering will any of these work for them? The answer is absolutely. These guitars are made for people of all ages and all levels of experience. Are suggesting is that you buy one of these inexpensive guitars and get your kids use to what it feels like and sounds like to play with an electric guitar.

Please keep in mind that none of these are toys. These are top level manufacturers who have produced great entry level quality guitars. Our best suggestion is that you get them to master some of the top 25 kids songs on one of these guitars and watch as their joy and this field increase his day by day.

The Anatomy Of An Electric Guitar:

At All Axess we pride ourselves on not only finding the most top quality guitars on the market but also in educating and providing additional resources for our readers. So in this last tutorial section we want to go through all the main aspects of what makes up a guitar:

Anatomy of a guitar


When it comes to electric guitars there are three body types available on the market. Those are the solid body, hollow body, and semi-hollow body. The difference between these three body types basically boiled down to the resonance that they produce. The hollow-body and a semi-hollow body are capable of producing much more resonance than the solid body.

The solid body guitar just so happens to produce less. Yet this is by far the most common guitar amongst guitarist and most manufacturers in terms of production. The hollow and the semi-hollow bodies are preferred by different genres such as blues and jazz. The solid body is liked more by Metal, Hard Rock and Punk genres. Certainly, you can use either body type for any style with enough technique.


When it comes to the quality of music that your guitar produces, a large part of that is made up of the material used in the body, neck, and fretboard. This wood is often referred to as the tonewood. There are several different types of  tonewood on the market, such as maple, mahogany, poplar, ash, elder, and many others.

Each one of these tonewoods has unique properties that make them different and sound unique. Some types of wood are designed specifically for areas such as the body of the guitar or the fingerboards. Knowing and having a basic comprehension of the types of wood and the difference that they make up in the body of the guitar can really help you make an informed decision. Now it must be noted that these different woods on solid bodies do not fluctuate the sound like they would in a semi-hollow body. Nevertheless, it’s important to know and understand the difference


Electric guitars have two general types of pickup: Single-coil pickups and humbucker pickups (double-coil). The single-coil pickups have been used with electric guitars for years. They provide a quality sound and are a consistent friend to any generation or level of expertise. The double-coil pickups are a more recent technology. They are offered on many guitars nowadays both electric and others.  Different brands prefer different emphasis. Fender, for instance, utilizes the single-coil while Gibson tends to with humbucker. Both are great options and really depend on your preference. If you get a chance to go to a local guitar center before buying your guitar, you’ll find which one feels best.


Obviously, the neck of your guitar is an important feature. You can breeze through our list and see all sorts of shapes and sizes of guitar necks. Factors that determine the size of your guitar neck are the size of your hand and length of your arms. These play important roles in both of these. Equally important is the way they are connected to the body of the guitar. Are they glued or bolted on? The goal is quality sound. So knowing your preference here will go along ways as you develop your skill.


Frets are surprisingly important. They are the most underrated part of your guitar that actually can tremendously change the quality of music that comes out of the guitar. Manufacturer specs are the best here. Making adjustments to this is irrelevant unless someone has experience and finds it necessary. But here we conceded the skill and knowledge of theses guitar manufacturers. Most guitars have 22 frets. Some have 24. But the goal here is, of course, mastering the skill before personalizing your technique.


The two choices here are the stoptail bridge and tremolo bridge. With choices comes preferences. We really cannot tell you which one is the better out of the two. Tremolo can drive the strings at once while the stoptail is the most consistent option of the two. But these choices are a lot like political choices, you pick. You base your decision on sustainable notes and ease of use. These options are pretty similar but one or the other will compliment your playing style.

So this is our overview of an anatomy of your next electric guitar. Don’t feel overwhelmed by these terms. We won’t be testing you. Some of this is developed over time. Like all passionate hobbies, you will find a learning curve to become familiar with. Our goal is to just introduce you to the basic concepts. You will learn them and grow beyond them with practice and dedication. Our number one tip, purchase a great beginner guitar from this list and enjoy it. Learn as much as you can in the window of time you have. Setting aside at least 15 minutes a day to practice on it. This list is enough to point you in the right direction. Enjoy all that different types of guitars have to offer.

I think I just bought the best electric guitar for starters ever! What now?

When it comes to extra equipment, you can purchase things like new strings, a cable, amplifier, guitar case and other helpful equipment. Before you purchase every add-on option in existence, take your time and research what friends of yours have or local bands have. This will give you an overview of what you may or may not even know you need. Like we mentioned above, check your local guitar shop for extra advice and tips around guitar extra accessories.

Focus on learning the most critical parts of guitar playing. Learn how to read notes. Learn the fingerboard. Get the best guitar lessons you can on the market. Knowing things like the fretboard and the tone responses. We know the frustration that comes with learning how to play but over time you just get it. Hang out with those who have experience. They can give you little tweaks and tips they have learned over the years. These little tips can shorten your time tremendously. Regardless of the brand or type, just get the basics down ad you will be light years ahead of yourself. The sooner you can master the basics the better you can be years down the road.

What about online guitar lessons?

We have found that the best places to learn online are Jam Play. The guys over there have been pumping out the best content online for any courses you can find. If you want to learn how to play the guitar and want as little delay in your lessons, you can literally sign up today with Jam Play and be on your road to success in the matter of a few weeks. We know you will lots of options just by doing a google search. But Jam Play is by far the most affordable at the highest quality level on the market. They are oriented toward new players and have courses even for seasoned vets. This is a huge one-stop shop for all online guitar lesson material.