All Axess Exclusive: ‘My First Guitar’ With Slash

All Axess recently caught up with legendary guitarist Slash to talk about his first ever guitar, as well as the guitar he has used on every album since the Guns ‘N Roses classic, ‘Appetite For Destruction.’ The video interview can be found below.


As with many of the world’s great guitarists, Slash started from humble beginnings. “My first guitar that I ever got was a one-string, Spanish acoustic guitar. I had that one string on there for a pretty long time before I learned how to put the other five strings on.”
Slash’s first electric guitar was a Memphis Les Paul copy. “That was pretty special to me,” Slash explained. “…up until I learned that it wasn’t really that great a guitar [laughs].”
Slash’s pride and joy, the guitar that has helped him to forge some of the greatest riffs of all time, and seen him through decades in the music industry, is none other than his Gibson Les Paul. “[That’s the guitar] I recorded ‘Appetite For Destruction’ with and recorded all the subsequent albums with Guns ‘N Roses, and the solo records that I’ve been doing lately. That’s really my most special guitar.”

Slash’s legendary Les Paul can be heard on his new album ‘Apocalyptic Love.’ Click here to purchase the album and to go into the draw to win a signed Gibson guitar.

Click here to check out the All Axess interview with Slash about his alternative career.

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