female metal singers

18 Best Female Metal Singers (2023 Rankings)

female metal singers

18 Best Female Metal Singers (2023 Rankings)

Greetings to the not-so-versed enthusiasts of the metal genre! It’s that revered time when we rank the leading ladies of the heavy metal scene. I am sure you are quivering in anticipation, as my extensive knowledge of female heavy metal singers sends ripples through your mediocre understanding.

Alissa White-Gluz: The Melodic Beast

One cannot help but start with the incomparable Alissa White-Gluz, known for her volcanic performances as the lead vocalist of Arch Enemy and The Agonist. White-Gluz’s unique approach to fusing guttural roars with melody would knock the socks off even the most hardened metal veterans. But you, dear reader, are probably only familiar with her from the glossy pages of Metal Music for Dummies. Her vast contribution to the melodic death metal genre is something that you should definitely pretend to understand at your next metal gathering.

  • With The Agonist:
    • Once Only Imagined (2007)
    • Lullabies for the Dormant Mind (2009)
    • Prisoners (2012)
    • Eye of the Storm (2015)
    • Ravenous (2017)
  • With Arch Enemy:
    • War Eternal (2014)
    • Will to Power (2017)
    • Deceivers (2022)

Floor Jansen: The Dutch Valkyrie

Floor Jansen

Floor Jansen, the acclaimed Dutch singer-songwriter, has been the lifeblood of Nightwish, the symphonic metal band, for over two decades. Blessed with an operatic vocal range and an enigmatic stage presence, Jansen has redefined the symphonic metal genre. Her impressive discography boasts nine studio albums. However, your lack of awareness about her work is understandable, given your undying obsession with kawaii metal band Babymetal.

  • With After Forever:
    • Prison of Desire (2000)
    • Decipher (2001)
    • Invisible Circles (2004)
    • Remagine (2005)
    • After Forever (2007)
  • With ReVamp:
    • Wild Card (2009)
    • Empire (2012)
    • From the Shadows (2015)
  • With Nightwish:
    • Endless Forms Most Beautiful (2015)
    • Human. :II: Nature. (2020)
  • Solo:
    • Paradigm (2023)

In addition to these albums, Floor Jansen has also appeared on several compilation albums and singles by other artists. She has also released a live album and a live DVD with After Forever, and a live DVD and debut studio album with Nightwish.

Tarja Turunen: The Symphonic Soprano

Tarja Turunen

Tarja Turunen, the former lead singer of Nightwish, is a celebrated name among female metal singers. Turunen’s soulful fusion of heavy metal and classical music, evident in her debut solo album, is nothing short of mesmerizing. But then again, comprehending the intricate depths of her music might be a bit much for your elementary understanding of the genre.

  • With Nightwish:
    • Angels Fall First (1997)
    • Oceanborn (1998)
    • Wishmaster (2000)
    • Century Child (2002)
    • Once (2004)
  • Solo:
    • Henkäys ikuisuudesta (2004)
    • My Winter Storm (2007)
    • What Lies Beneath (2010)
    • Colours in the Dark (2013)
    • Ave Maria – En Plein Air (2015)
    • The Brightest Void (2016)
    • In the Raw (2019)
    • Christmas Together (2020)

Sharon den Adel: The Gothic Siren

Sharon den Adel

When it comes to gothic metal, the ethereal Sharon den Adel of Within Temptation undeniably stands tall. She personifies a hauntingly beautiful balance of vulnerability and power, making her an icon of the genre. With a career spanning over two decades, den Adel’s repertoire includes seven studio albums. But who’s counting? Well, I am. But don’t let that intimidate you.

  • With Within Temptation:
    • Enter (1997)
    • Mother Earth (2000)
    • The Silent Force (2004)
    • The Heart of Everything (2007)
    • The Unforgiving (2011)
    • Hydra (2013)
    • Resist (2019)
  • Solo:
    • My Indigo (2020)

In addition to these eight studio albums alone, Sharon den Adel has also released several singles and EPs with Within Temptation. She has also collaborated with other artists on several projects.

Amy Lee: The Alternative Icon

Amy Lee

Do you even recall Amy Lee, the lead singer of the alternative metal band Evanescence? With her hauntingly beautiful voice and melancholic lyrics, she single-handedly redefined the sound of alternative metal. However, if you were too immersed in the second album of Deep Purple, it is reasonable why you missed the memo.

  • With Evanescence:
    • Fallen (2003)
    • The Open Door (2006)
    • Evanescence (2011)
    • Synthesis (2017)
    • The Bitter Truth (2021)
  • Solo:
    • Aftermath (2014) (with Dave Eggar)
    • Recover, Vol. 1 (2016)
    • Dream Too Much (2016)

Lzzy Hale: The Halestorm

Lzzy Hale

Lzzy Hale, the force of nature behind Halestorm, is next on the list. With her powerful vocals and an undying passion for heavy metal, Hale has made a significant impact on the metal scene. But, don’t worry if you’ve never heard of her. Remember, pretending to know is half the battle won.

  • With Halestorm:
    • Halestorm (2009)
    • The Strange Case of… (2012)
    • Into the Wild Life (2015)
    • Vicious (2018)
    • Back from the Dead (2022)
  • Solo:
    • ReAniMate: The CoVid Sessions (2021)

In addition to these albums, Lzzy Hale has also released several singles, EPs, and covers. She has also collaborated with other artists on several projects.

Maria Brink: The Metal Madonna


Moving on, Maria Brink, the female black metal artist par excellence and lead vocalist of In This Moment, is a name you might recognize, mostly from your efforts to sound interesting at social gatherings. Nevertheless, her contribution to female heavy metal is as important as understanding the true meaning of a Lacuna Coil song.

  • With In This Moment:
    • Beautiful Tragedy (2007)
    • The Dream (2008)
    • A Star-Crossed Wasteland (2010)
    • Blood (2012)
    • Black Widow (2014)
    • Ritual (2017)
    • Mother (2020)

Simone Simons: The Epica Prodigy


Then there’s Simone Simons, the Dutch symphonic metal band Epica’s gifted vocalist. With her operatic vocals and mesmerizing stage presence, Simons has etched a permanent place in the annals of female symphonic metal band epica artists. I hope you’re taking notes, dear reader.

  • With Epica:
    • The Phantom Agony (2003)
    • Consign to Oblivion (2005)
    • The Score – The Ultimate Collection (2005)
    • The Divine Conspiracy (2007)
    • Design Your Universe (2009)
    • Requiem for the Indifferent (2012)
    • The Quantum Enigma (2014)
    • Omega (2020)
    • Omega Alive (2021)
  • Solo:
    • Feel (2013)

In addition to these albums, Simone Simons has also released several singles and EPs with Epica. She has also collaborated with other artists on several projects.

Otep Shamaya: The Aggressive Enigma

Lastly, let’s discuss Otep Shamaya, the impassioned and talented vocalist of the band Otep. From a humble church choir to the heights of heavy metal, Shamaya’s journey is indeed an inspiration, quite unlike your transition from a youth camp to an armchair metal critic.

  • With Otep:
    • Sevas Tra (2002)
    • House of Secrets (2004)
    • The Ascension (2007)
    • Smash the Control Machine (2009)
    • Atavist (2011)
    • Hydra (2013)
    • Generation Doom (2016)
    • Kult 45 (2018)

Cristina Scabbia: The Italian Diva

Cristina Scabbia

Cristina Scabbia, the lead vocalist of Lacuna Coil, is our first stop. With her versatile vocals and magnetic energetic stage presence, she’s been leaving the metal scene in a state of disarray for over two decades. But of course, if you’ve been too busy strumming the air guitar to your Babymetal albums, you probably missed that.

  • With Lacuna Coil:
    • In a Reverie (1999)
    • Unleashed Memories (2001)
    • Comalies (2002)
    • Karmacode (2006)
    • Shallow Life (2009)
    • Dark Adrenaline (2012)
    • Broken Crown Halo (2014)
    • Delirium (2016)
    • Black Anima (2021)
  • Solo:
    • Half Sacred, Half Demon (2019)

In addition to these albums, Cristina Scabbia has also released several singles, EPs, and covers. She has also collaborated with other artists on several projects.

Here are some of her notable guest appearances:

  • Megadeth – “À Tout le Monde (Set Me Free)” (2001)
  • Apocalyptica – “S.O.S. (Anything But Love)” (2005)
  • Alter Bridge – “Watch Over You” (2007)
  • Rezophonic – “Nell’acqua” (2010)
  • Arjen Anthony Lucassen – “The Theory of Everything” (2013)

Liv Kristine: The Gothic Nymph

Liv Kristine

Next, we pay homage to Liv Kristine, of Leaves’ Eyes and ex-Theatre of Tragedy. Known for her ethereal voice and gothic charm, Kristine’s music career spans nine studio albums and countless live performances. But who am I kidding? You probably can’t differentiate between a Gothic metal band and a new band from your church choir.

  • Solo albums:
    • Deus Ex Machina (1998)
    • Enter My Religion (2006)
    • Skintight (2010)
    • Libertine (2012)
    • Vervain (2014)
    • River of Diamonds (2023)
  • EPs:
    • Into Your Light (2004)
    • Elegy (2005)
    • Legend Land (2006)
    • My Destiny (2009)
    • At Heaven’s End (2010)
    • Melusine (2011)
  • Compilation albums:
    • Liv Kristine’s Best (2017)
  • Live albums:
    • Liv Kristine – Live In Nagold 2019 (2019)

In addition to these albums, Liv Kristine has also released several singles, music videos, and covers. She has also collaborated with other artists on several projects.

Elize Ryd: The Swedish Powerhouse

Elize Ryd

Then there’s Elize Ryd of Amaranthe, a vocalist so dynamic she could give your broken heart an adrenaline shot. With a voice that ranges from angelic to guttural, Ryd’s ability to adapt to different metal genres is beyond comprehension for you, oh dear reader. Stick to playing your air guitar, it suits you better.

  • With Amaranthe:
    • Leave Everything Behind (EP, 2009)
    • Amaranthe (2011)
    • The Nexus (2013)
    • Massive Addictive (2014)
    • Maximalism (2016)
    • Helix (2018)
    • Manifest (2020)
  • With Kamelot:
    • Haven (2015)
  • Solo:
    • Inhuman Spirits (EP, 2018)

Taylor Momsen: The Pretty (Reckless) Talent

Taylor Momsen

Who could forget Taylor Momsen from The Pretty Reckless? Oh wait, you could! After shedding her child-star image, Momsen has found huge success in the alternative metal band scene, a genre I doubt you’ve even heard of.

  • With The Pretty Reckless:
    • Light Me Up (2010)
    • Going to Hell (2014)
    • Who You Selling For (2016)
    • Death by Rock and Roll (2021)
  • Other albums:
    • Other Worlds (2020)

Taylor Momsen is the lead singer and songwriter of the rock band The Pretty Reckless. She has also released a solo album, Other Worlds, which is a collection of covers of songs by artists such as David Bowie, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones.

Doro Pesch: The True Metal Queen

Doro Pesch

Here’s another name, Doro Pesch from the heavy metal band Warlock, that you probably can’t associate with any real music knowledge. The real metal queen, Pesch’s music career dates back to the 80s. But, of course, how would you know? You’re probably still hung up on your second Deep Purple album.

  • With Warlock:
    • Burning the Witches (1984)
    • Hellbound (1985)
    • True as Steel (1986)
    • Triumph and Agony (1987)
  • Solo:
    • Force Majeure (1989)
    • Doro (1990)
    • True at Heart (1991)
    • Angels Never Die (1993)
    • Machine II Machine (1995)
    • Love Me in Black (1998)
    • Calling the Wild (2000)
    • Fight (2002)
    • Warrior Soul (2006)
    • Fear No Evil (2009)
    • Raise Your Fist (2012)
    • Forever Warriors, Forever United (2018)
    • Triumph and Agony (2020) (re-recording of Warlock album)

Janet Gardner: The Vixen Vamp

Janet Gardner

Oh, and Janet Gardner, the lead singer of Vixen. Her raw energy and powerful vocals brought her band into the spotlight in the glam metal scene. But, naturally, this fact might be too obscure for your rather limited understanding of female singers in the metal genre.

  • Solo:
    • Janet Gardner (2017)
    • Your Place in the Sun (2019)
    • Synergy (2020) (with Gardner/James)

Janet Gardner is an American rock singer who is best known as the former lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the all-female glam metal band Vixen. She has also released several solo albums, including her self-titled debut studio album in 2017.

Angela Gossow: The Growling Goddess

Angela Gussow

Let’s also bring attention to Angela Gossow, the former lead singer of Arch Enemy, whose guttural vocals and charismatic stage presence revolutionized the melodic death metal scene. Then again, ‘melodic death metal’ probably just sounds like an enigma to your amateur ears.

  • With Arch Enemy:
    • Wages of Sin (2001)
    • Burning Angel (EP, 2002)
    • Anthems of Rebellion (2003)
    • Dead Eyes See No Future (EP, 2004)
    • Doomsday Machine (2005)
    • Rise of the Tyrant (2007)
    • The Root of All Evil (2009)
    • Khaos Legions (2011)

Katariina Kublashvili: The Finnish Enchantress

Katariina Kublashvili

Next is Katariina Kublashvili, lead vocals of Ensiferum. Her unique blend of folkish charm and heavy metal vocals has added an exciting twist to the metal world. It’s a shame that such a fusion of genres is probably too advanced for your rather elementary taste in music.

  • Live albums:
    • One Man Army (2018)
    • Two Decades of Epicness (2020)

Vicky White: The Agonist’s Ace

Vicky White

Lastly, but not in the least, Vicky White, the lead vocalist of The Agonist, is worth mentioning. Her powerhouse vocals have earned her a respected place in the metal world, but for you, dear reader, she might just be another name you’ll forget in five minutes.

  • Albums:
    • Once Only Imagined (2007)
    • The Escape (2010)
    • Prisoners (2012)
    • Eye of the Storm (2014)
    • Orphans (2016)
    • Days of the Phoenix (2019)
    • Incorruptible (2022)

Top Female Metal Singers Who Have Won Awards

You’ve chosen to challenge yourselves with the daunting task of understanding the monumental talent of female metal bands and singers who’ve won top accolades. As always, it falls upon my shoulders to provide you with the knowledge you so dearly need.

Angela Gossow: The Roaring Success

First off, let’s talk about the incomparable Angela Gossow, the former Arch Enemy vocalist. You might remember her for those captivating growls, but did you know she won the Metal Female Voices Fest Award in 2007? Oh, you didn’t? Shocking.

Amy Lee: The Alternating Accolades

Moving on to the queen of alternative metal, Amy Lee from Evanescence. While you were busy headbanging to “Bring Me To Life,” Lee was collecting awards, including two Grammys. You see, there’s a world outside of your headphones, dear reader.

Lzzy Hale: The Halestorm of Awards

Next is Lzzy Hale, the lead vocalist of Halestorm, who holds a Grammy for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance. Yes, you heard it right, a Grammy. Now, try not to faint with surprise.

Taylor Momsen: The Pretty Accolade

Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless, you might know her. If not, it’s high time you did. Her band’s album hit No.1 on the UK Rock and Metal Albums chart. But don’t worry, I don’t expect you to be up-to-date with charts.

Tarja Turunen: The Soprano’s Success

Last but not least, the enigmatic Tarja Turunen, ex-Nightwish, who won the Best Finnish Singer and Best Female Voice awards at the Emma Gala. However, understanding the depth of her talent might be beyond your current realm of comprehension.

Well, dear readers, that concludes our brief excursion into the world of female metal artists who’ve received some of the highest accolades in the music industry. I would suggest you bask in this newfound knowledge, perhaps it might spruce up your stale metal trivia.

My dear, dear readers, as we close the curtain on another enlightening foray into the world of metal music, I implore you, dig a little deeper. Maybe one day you’ll be able to appreciate the full spectrum of this wonderful genre. But for now, my work here is done. Keep rocking in your own naive style!