All Axess AMPED Exclusive: Avenue of the Giants Interview

This week’s All Axess AMPED artist is Atlanta, GA’s Avenue of the Giants. We introduced them to you on Monday, and we recently sat down with the band to get their thoughts on a few things, find out a bit more about them, and what their future plans our.

From their debut album Just Between Us – which was released on September 9th – we’d recommend listening to the album’s lead track “Burn”, which we’ve embedded below for you to enjoy. It’s easily one of our favourites of 2014.

Interview with Avenue of the Giants

All Axess: First off, can you explain the name AVENUE OF THE GIANTS to any readers that may be unfamiliar with you? What’s the meaning behind it?

Devon: The band name is derived from a stretch of highway in Northern California where some of the most majestic Redwood trees stand proudly. Foz was out on tour with Rehab and had a life altering experience; someone slipped something into his beverage and he had a really bad night. After leaving the hospital the next morning he went with a friend into the forest seeking peace and clarity; the rest is history. Here we are!

AA: Your first album, Just Between Us, has been available since September. What has the reception been like?

Devon: The reception has been great we have started to create a lot of buzz within the music industry. We’ve received many positive responses and reviews from fans, friends, and strangers alike. Most recently we found out that our lead single “Burn” was just chosen by the NFL for placement on broadcasts for the 2014-15 season!

AA: For those who haven’t heard it yet, how would you describe the album in terms of style?

Devon: This album is pure Rock & Roll; we love it, we live it and we believe it to be alive and thriving…
Foz: Raw rock and roll capturing the reality of our daily lives. Some sad, some happier, some about passion and some about anger.

AA: Who would you say are your biggest influences, as a band?

Devon: Foo Fighters, Green Day, incubus, Stone Temple Pilots, Led Zeppelin and Queen

AA: Do you think that the individual band members’ previous work with the likes of REHAB and Lazyeye have helped to shape Avenue of The Giants’ sound? If so, how?

Foz: My fingers and Devon’s voice shape our sound. I think everything I experience in any part of my life helps shape my playing. Whether it be sad, happy, good or bad in some way it seeps into my mood and riffs.

Devon: I wouldn’t say it helped shape our current sound so much as it helped us both to know what we wanted and how much work is actually involved in getting the wheels of progress churning. We’ve learned from previous experiences and its this knowledge that helps us to be better songwriters, performers and band mates.

AA: With regards to future work, is a new album in the pipeline? When can fans expect to hear it?

Devon: We’ve actually started production on the next album already and will be looking to have another album out next summer. We’re always writing and composing ideas with an eye towards releasing some really great music!

AA: And how about a tour? So far, you’ve played a good number of more local shows, but is a larger-scale tour being planned?

Devon: We’re in the process of planning out our touring for 2015 and are hopeful that we’ll be able to play our music all over the globe. We are certainly looking forward to playing these songs for new faces in new places soon!

AA: Finally, – If you could sum up the ethos of the band in one sentence, what would that sentence be?

Devon: Undeniable music written through the power of positivity.

Thanks to Devon and Foz for answering our questions! Don’t forget that you can follow the band on Facebook, on Twitter, on YouTube, and of course, you can purchase Just Between Us from your favourite music outlet. It’s available in most places, including iTunes UK, iTunes US, Amazon UK, and Amazon US.