Bass ESP LTD F-104 Guitar

Top 10 Best Bass Guitars: Under $1000, $500, $200 For Pros & Beginners

Bass guitars have been a critical component of all genres of music for decades.

Their unmistakable sound and attractive feel has attracted most headliners in the business at one time or another.

From solo artist to full orchestra bands.

Bass guitarist and music enthusiast, share a collective and natural love for this instrument. Along with our list of great guitars to buy, the bass provides some great challenges. 

All Axess is no different.

We want a quality bass guitar in the hands of every newbie and veteran player alike. 

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Part of making sure this instrument get’s into the hands of everyone who wants to sound like a pro, we wanted to cover the entire cost from entry level to show stopper. 

The bass rig is built like most electric guitars with only minor differences in its structure.

The main difference between the standard electric guitar and the bass guitar is the neck length. 

Obviously, string options play a big factor in deciding which bass rig to purchase. 

The more advanced bass players use the six string options but if you’re a newbie just getting your first online lessons you may want to start out with the four string bass guitar

It often comes down to your comfort level and past experience. Picking between four to six string guitars has a lot to do with what you’ve used in the past.

Without knowing those factors we can simply give you the top 10 bass guitar list that makes you sound like a pro! 

Bass Guitars Best Of

The Best Bass Guitar Under $1000:

#1. Fender Deluxe Active P Bass® Special 

Fender Deluxe Active P Bass Special

The Fender Deluxe is one of those top picks among bass guitarist. We would be foolish not to start out with this beauty. If you are looking to sound like a pro and want to just stop playing around, cut lawns, downsize your car, whatever you have to do to grab it.

Get this guitar and you will instantly sound better regardless of your skill level. The Fender Deluxe just has a way of helping even the newest player sound like an aged player. Having an active equalizer allows you to play with tone range coupled with two different pickups.

There are more expensive guitars. But that does not mean they are better sounding ones. Custom made guitars can fit better, handle better and just work well. But this bass guitar will give them a run for their money regardless how custom.

If you’re looking for a guitar to last for years and years with little maintenance, The Fender Deluxe bass guitar is the one to get. Are you ready to sound like a pro today? Grab one now by click here.

#2. Sterling By Music Man Ray 34 HB 

Sterling Music Man Ray 3

When we test guitars we are looking for several key factors. One is look and feel. This Ray 34-NT With 4 String’s is just a classic bass design that will remain in style forever. If you’re looking for a guitar that gets back to the roots for custom electric bass guitars, this is the one.

This guitar offers all the tonal combinations we look for in a classic. With the old classic Music man burst, they are known for. This guitar draws bass guitar enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes. In our opinion, it’s radically underpriced.

The lightweight swamp ash like finish brings out that old school design they have stayed close to over the years. This is a guitar to own just to say you own it. But don’t mistake the beauty for bad sound. It can outperform guitars twice the price.

The Top Rated Bass Guitar Under $500:

#3. Yamaha BB Series BB 424 

Bass Yamaha Guitar

Yamaha is not a new company on the bass guitar scene but they are one of the younger companies to jump in. And we are glad they did back in 1969. They have been cranking out a mix of style sound and quality that is unique in this market. The BB425 is a great bass guitar.

There are two common choices here between string counts and that is the 4-string and the 5-string. Like most guitars either option is dependent on the experience of the guitarist.

This classic has a pickguard and vintage white finish. The BB series bolt-on neck comes together with the alder spline joint body and maple neck. It’s lines and shapes are so complimentary. It’s what gives Yamaha an advantage over any new comers.

Obviously seeing this BB Series under $500 bucks is a steal. Sounding like a pro and looking like one go hand in hand. This guitar can make the difference.

The Best Bass Guitars For Beginners :

#4. ESP LTD F- 104 

Bass ESP LTD F-104 Guitar

The ESP LTD Standard F104 Electric Bass Guitar is nothing standard. They name implies something it’s not. It is a full metal playing, heavy hitting, out the box, pro sounding guitar. It’s black finish and 2-band EQ helps dialing in the depth of your bass and concentrating you treble.

It featured many of the components that are so critical to great looking and sounding guitars. From the basswood body to the maple bolting, you will find this guitar lasting for years to come while turning heads wherever it’s played.

If your looking for a one of a kind ESP bass guitar, the LTD F-104 with black finish is a no brainer. Well under $500 dollars and quick shipping, you can be sounding like a pro this week.

#5. Epiphone Goth Thundervird VI

Electric Bass Guitar Epiphone

Epiphone Goth Thunderbird VI bass has a vibrant flawless sound. Combined with four musical kinds of wood, a beautiful Mahogany/Basswood body.

Mahogany gives you a very clean direct sound dry warm timbered that responds to what is played and little else. Its maple neck with a Rosewood fingerboard has a fast sound transmission speed and almost no interior dampening and a classy Roman Numeral “XII” inlaid in 12th fret position.

Epiphone’s explosion of sound is possible because of its high-output TB-Plus bass humbucker pickups that bear the Celtic Cross Mark on the pickguard. This is a first class premium bass guitar by Gibson for beginners or intermediate playing.

Top Ten Bass Guitar For Metal:

#6. Scheeter Stiletto Custom 4 Bass Guitar 

Bass Guitar Schecter Stiletto

This Scheeter Stiletto delivers legendary Schecter quality craftsmanship and tone at an exceedingly affordable price. This Bass is everything anyone could want in a metal guitar. The body and neck are well constructed and add a lot to the tone. Mahogany, maple, and rosewood are the essential dream partners. Access up to the 24th frets easily accomplished.

The satin finish allows more vibrations to transfer through the hardware and body. The neck is constructed from a maple/walnut laminate and carved into a very thin profile for ease and playability. A rosewood fingerboard crowned with 24 XJ frets for total playability. The gold hardware includes set of Schecter Tuners and an S-Tek string through bridge with 4 individual saddles for improved sustain. Its a great option for both pros and newbies alike. 

The Best Cheap Bass Guitars Under $200:

#7. Ibanez GSR200 

Bass Ibanez GSR200 Guitar

The GSR200 offers all the tone, features durability as all . The “P+J” pickup configuration along with two volume and two tone controls make this bass a flexible and affordable performer.

A flexible and affordable performer the Ibanez GSR200 a dream for beginner bass guitarists. It provides warm and lows with strong bolster and it has a comfortable playability and earth-rumbling tone.

Ibanez GSR200 electric bass has a body comprised of Agathis, a wood found in the tropical far east and the southwest Pacific, a maple neck with a rosewood fretboard of 22 frets, a Powersound P and Powersound J pickup pairing, tone, volume, EQ, and PHAT-II bass boost controls, attractive chrome tuners, and a secure and enticing chrome Standard 4 bridge.

Shake the ground in style with force with this comfortable and dynamic electric bass.

#8. Dean Z Metalman Base 

Bass Dean Z Guitar

The Dean Metalman 2A Z Bass Guitar with Active Electronics is designed to look right onstage in a metal band. This is the youngest of The Dean Metalman Bass Guitar line.

The Metalman Z is an electric bass guitar with dual 2-band pickups with active electronics that make it sound awesome. The Dean Z Metalman Bass Guitar features a lightweight Basswood body and bolt-on Maple neck for an ergonomic playability whilst the unique body shape and classic black finish ensures the Z Metalman stands out on every stage.

Though designed for the metal environment you can give it smooth mid-tone that will let you blend into any setting. The radical body shape and headstock, black-on-black look, and the high-output soap bar humbucker mounted practically on the bridge says it’s a metal bass all the way.

The Z Metalman also incorporates a 22 fret Rosewood fingerboard, die-cast hardtail bridge, Dean humbucking pickup and sleek black hardware.

The Best Bass Guitars For Beginner Packs :

#9. Squier By Fender – Stop Dreaming Start Playing Set: Affinity J Bass

Bass Guitar Stop Dreaming Start Playing Set

That great traditional J Bass look and sound on a budget. A lot of boom for your buck, and everything you need to Start Playing.

The Squier Affinity Jazz Bass Guitar Pack – is great all-in-one beginner’s pack. With a Squier Affinity Series Jazz Bass, Fender Rumble 15 Combo bass amp, bass strap, instrument cable, a gig bag, and a pick sampler you’ve got everything you need to get started. Simply open the box, plug in, and rock!

Squier Affinity Series J Bass Guitar – This super-affordable Squier Affinity Series J Bass guitar will astonish you with the phenomenal feel and tone of the original. Genuine rosewood fretboard, maple neck, sculpted alder body, two vintage-style single-coil J Bass pickups and a top-loaded bridge are all the essentials you need to get it right.

Fender Rumble 15 Combo Bass Amp – The Fender Rumble 15 Bass Combo Amp is perfect as your in-house practice bass amplifier. Fender designed the Rumble amp series for the needs of beginning bassists by building in all the essentials, then holding the line on price to make it accessible to most anyone. The ported bass design holds an 8″ special driver powered by a 15W amp. Fender builds the carpeted cab of the Rumble 15 Bass Combo with oversized corners and a metal grille for durability.

#10. Silvertone LB11 Guitar and Amp Package 

Bass Silvertone With Amp Guitar

The Silvertone LB11 Bass and Amp brings a complete package to start a new adventure toward the world of music.

A classy four string bass with a scale length of 34 inch, maple neck with 20 frets and a rosewood fretboard, a split “P” type pickup, volume and tone knob, and chrome tuning machines are the main features of this impressive guitar pack. As well as a 10 watt bass amp with bass driver, 3 band EQ, and a headphone; a gig bag, tuner, pickups, cord, and instructional DVD are part of this package.

Silvertone LB11 pack offers a Revolver 4-string bass that helps to produce a breath-taking, resonant, and balanced sound. Its controls are simply easy to use with a nice and resonant sound that can be produced without any difficulty. With a limited lifetime warranty and an affordable price tag, this is an awesome offer for the beginners to start their musical career.

With a limited lifetime warranty and an affordable price tag, this is an awesome offer for the beginners to start their musical career.

Any other pro level bass guitar brands

Of course, others have some legit cases for other bass guitars that should be on this list. When you start writing about the best bass guitars on the market, everyone has an opinion. So this list is always growing and of course we are open to your comments and suggestions in the comment box bellow. 

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America is filled with great bass manufacturers. Some of the greatest creators may have a location in your backyard. We encourage you to look there if you have more time. But if you need to sound like a pro now, why wait? You can order right here online and get your pro sounding equipment in no time. 

Should I get a 4, 5 or 6 string bass guitar?

These questions always boil down to comfort level. How comfortable are you with 4, 5 or 6 string guitars? Getting to learn on 4 is obviously the starting place. Moving forward from there assumes you know things as basic as the BM Chord REALLY well. Or you’ve had some great instructors online or off. With those in place, slowly move toward 5 and 6 string bass guitars. 

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What are the main differences between passive and active pickups?

Electric bass guitars are made with passive pickups. Passive pickups are used for their simplicity. Simple tones can add additional richness to almost any tempo of the music. Obviously, active pickups are geared more toward pros and those who have been playing for years. They are bright tones. Complex and filled with preamps which are powered by batteries. So they are not for the newbies. But are rich and a goal for any bass guitar player should be to work on active pickups at some point. 

Last words before you buy your first pro level bass guitar?

Our last words here simply are that sounding like a pro is half the battle. Playing like one is another ball game altogether. You must work hard to get to that point. It’s not easy. It takes work, practice, and great instruments. We encourage you to use the best resources. To not settle for some cheap knock off and be prepared for some rewarding sounds in due time. Buying a guitar will eventually be like buying the right pair of sox. You’ll know what you want and when you need it. The sooner you can get comfortable with a great guitar the closer you two friends will be.