Electric guitars are not a cheap investment. If you play guitar, buying a custom or new axe is a big investment.

One that can be a huge waste of time and money if you make the wrong decision. When you are spending something around $300-$2000 dollars, you typically only get one chance.

So why make an uninformed decision? Read this and get a list of the 25 Electric guitar brands on the market. 

Top 25 Electric Guitars to choose from:

(Top 5 for starters)

ImageElectric GuitarSummaryRating
Fender AmericanFender American Special StratocasterA good choice for players with larger hands and thicker fingers.

Gibson Les Paul Studio Gibson Les Paul Studio 2016Tuning gives it extra hit other guitars can't hold-up too.

Dean VMNT Dave Mustaine Angel of DethDean VMNT Dave Mustaine Angel of DethMade and designed for shredding for hours.

Fender Americal Special TelecasterFender Americal Special TelecasterEntry level price with a good quality.

Schecter C-1 HellraiserSchecter C-1 HellraiserEngineered from one end to the other for lasting jams.

How Should The Best Guitar Look?

So what constitutes an informed decision? Cost? Color? Weight? Look? All these factors are important.

But not one will be an exclusive decision maker. They all need to be placed together to make the best guitar buying decision you can.

If you are so new that you need to take online lessons before you purchase an electric guitar we have resources for that as well.

But honestly, any guitarist at any stage of their buying experience will benefit from these top 25 electric guitar brands list.

Undoubtedly you will have lots of questions and decisions to make, we wanted to make that as easy as possible for you.

We have everything from the Epiphone Les Paul Standard to the Gibson Vintage Sunburst. Every style and every look is in this list.

Our comprehensive list includes our own All Axess reviews. Links to products, videos and much more.

You will have everything you need to buy, ship and receive a brand new guitar this week.

Lets review what the guys and gals here at All Axess came up with you for today.

How Are You Going To Review The Guitars?

What do we take into account when reviewing our guitars? We review the guitar from neck to body.

From strings to hardware. We look at the electronics and even rate the style of these guitar brands. Many of your guitar decisions will be subjective.

You will like what you like based on your own personal preferences. But we will inform you of those things that make sense to compare from one guitar to the next.

This is a list that will grow and adapt as the year’s pass. We will alter, move, add, increase the size, etc of this list of the top electric guitar brands. But take the info that is on here and investigate.

Make a great decision. Enjoy your guitar. It may be an expensive investment but it does not have to be a stressful one. Let us help.

Look over our list and buy the one you like the best.

1. Fender American Special Stratocaster

Stratocaster Electric

The American Stratocaster has the timeless Fender style and contemporary features that make this guitar great sounding, great looking and feeling and made in the United States.

The vintage-style synchronized tremolo bridge, Fender’s Greasebucket tone circuit.

A gleaming urethane finishes with vivid color in a highly durable coating. Jumbo frets, a good choice for players with larger hands and thicker fingers. A neck with a “C” shape, that is made for comfort and performance.

Single-coil Texas Special pickups are overwound for big Texas blues tone with an amazing output. The fender Stratocaster has been played by greats like Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy, Jimi Hendrix and so many other legends of the electric guitar.

2. Gibson 2016 Les Paul Studio Faded Series T Electric Guitar

Gibson Les Paul Studio

The 2016 Les Paul Studio Faded Series T is going to tempt a lot of players to add a Les Paul to their collection. Packed with Pro-level features and priced below anything comparable, it’s destined to sell out quickly.

Les Paul is known for superb guitar quality.

Well, why not bring that quality to the market in a package many can afford? That is what this Gibson LPS 2016 does. The Gibson G-Force tuning gives it an extra hit other guitars cannot hold-up too.

With a wider neck and fingerboard, you are ready to sound Gibson quality.

Coupled with some great online guitar lessons and a great Gibson, you will be sounding like a pro in no time, with a very inexpensive coast.

3. Dean VMNT Dave Mustaine Angel of Deth

Dean VMNT Dave Mustaine Angel of Deth Electric Guitar

Dean and Dave’s guitars are known for the classic ties to some of the most influential bands of the 80’s. And for good reason.

But what most underestimate is the actual balance of that same sound.

This Dean VMNT Dave Mustaine Angel Deth guitar is made and designed for shredding for hours.

The look is awesome. This axe is made to look and sounds cool. 

Dave Mustaine Spec D-Shaped neck profile and Pearl Dave Mustaine Custom inlays bring’s this axe together. With a Mahogany body and cool artwork, you will draw the eyes and ears to every jam session you’re in.

4. Fender American Special Telecaster

Fender Americal Special Telecaster

This Fender American Special Telecaster is a classic and can land anywhere on this list. The weight and feel of this guitar match the durability known in the Fender market.

Sure this is an entry level price range but certain brands just are known for their quality.

It does bring a great mix of traditional and modern tones.

Fender is known for their sonic smooth sounds. This guitar does just that. It even comes with a 70’s-style decal, pickup covers, plastic parts and a dot position inlay.

Usually, they come with a gig bag but that is depending on available stock. But gig bag or not, you will not want to pack this guitar away.

Grab a classic Fender American Special at a price that is really affordable.

5. Schecter C-1 Hellraiser

Schecter C-1 Hellraiser

This Schecter Hellraiser C-1 guitar was built to jam. Built with a TonePros Tune-o-matic bridge with the classic string-thru-body design.

It is built with a full body design.

Engineered from one end to the other for lasting jams. It truly is packed with a monstrous tone you will not soon forget.

The C-1 is built on a mahogany body and ultra-access cutaway for even the most complex riffs. And looks?

It has a beautiful rosewood fretboard which is fitted with 24 large frets and gothic cross inlays.

A black cherry finish with a maple top brings this beast together for your learning desires.

Electric Guitars for Beginners

ImageElectric GuitarSummaryRating
Epiphone-Les-Paul-StandardEpiphone Les Paul StandardGuitar that last for years at an affordable price

Dean V Dave Mustaine.Dean V Dave Mustaine.Able to hit every note for a metal hitting music.

Yamaha PacificaYamaha Pacifica Series PAC112VExtremely affordable and versatile.

Squire by FenderSquire by Fender Classic Vibe Stratocaster 50sPerfect for those who loves 50's classic style guitar.

Epiphone G 310Epiphone G-310 SG Electric Guitar.Engineered from one end to the other for lasting jams.

1. Epiphone Les Paul Standard

Stratocaster Electric

With historical guitarists like Slash, Mark Knopfler, Jimmy Page and so many others, having an Epiphone Les Paul in your line-up is not only a good idea but it’s almost necessary.

Just to feel that world-class top rate, guitarist feel.

What was it like to play in some of the most epic tours the world has seen?

How did it feel to jam out with other legends? Well having a Les Paul is your ticket to feeling that same classic touch, needed.

Everything you need to get that full body electric guitar feeling is on this guitar. It is priced at the beginner stage but trust us, you will feel every bit a legend with this in your hands.

It has a classic sound that is crisp and consistent. You can count on this one to give you not only the ability but the quality of sound you need to show off.

2. Dean V Dave Mustaine

Dean V Dave Mustaine.

Who does not want at some point in their life a Dean V Dave Mustaine electric guitar? This is the guitar metal music became known for. It has the classic D-shaped neck look with a full two-octave, 24-fret neck, pre-set to play right out of the box. It comes with its standard humbuckers which really make this guitar come to life. Tune-o-matic bridge and string-thru-body design reveal the quality this guitar was built on.

The gear ratio is a 14:1, which coupled with the mini buttons which are spaciously sprawled out, you have an opportunity to hit every note you’ve tried to achieve for that metal hitting music.

3. Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V

Yamaha Pacifica

Yamaha’s Pacifica Series PAC112V is one of the most, if not the most, popular beginner guitar out there. It is extremely affordable and very versatile for the price range. It has the classic solid alder body we have come to expect out of these full body guitars.

The hardware and electronics are built to last for years. Some of the most delightful parts of this axe are the Alnico V humbucker and coil-splitting, block saddles. We expect a maple neck but complemented with the rosewood fingerboard and vintage-style vibrato, it is such an easy buy. The PAC112V comes with all the hard tone’s you need to jam with friends or before a crowd at the local happy hour. A value-packed buy.

4. Squier by Fender Classic Vibe Stratocaster 50s

Fender Americal Special Telecaster

If you love that all classic 1950’s fender style, vibe, and tone, this Classic vibe Stratocaster is it. It just has that look of authenticity guitarists look for in Fender. Sure you can find more expensive guitars but you cannot find better-looking guitars. It comes with a classic custom set of pickups which just scream quality. Even the neck on a vintage-tinted gloss finishes that give it an extra punch.

Everything about this Squier axe call’s for a new and old guitarist to pick it up and let it scream. Fender does not miss any turning over any stone’s when creating quality guitars at all levels. This Fender Classic Vibe is easy to see value guitar. At an affordable price, nothing should get in your way from picking this Fender up.

5. Epiphone G-310 SG Electric Guitar

Epiphone G 310

Epiphone introduced the G-310 into the market over 16 years ago. And it has attracted classic Epiphone lovers who are on a set budget. But it has over delivered on any budget. So when they created the 310, they literally changed the market. Many people flocked for affordable options to classic manufacturers. Once Epiphone created the G-310, It was so much guitar for so little price, it became a no-brainer. Since SG guitars naturally create their own sound, it comes they achieved just that in this economical guitar option.

Since this is based on the 1967 classic SG electric guitar, you will get all those same old feelings from this one. All you’ll have to do is take some online guitar classes to learn all those same 1960 classics.

Electric Axes Under $500

ImageElectric GuitarSummaryRating
Fender Mexican Standard TelecasterFender Mexican Standard TelecasterPremium tones meant for the lower price range.

Fender Mexican Standard StratocasterFender Mexican Standard StratocasterClassic tones and style. Perfect for beginner.

Schecter Omen Extreme 6Schecter Omen Extreme 6Packed with great features and crisp sound.

ESP MH-50 ESP MH-50Great guitar for an extremely affordable price.

Epiphone Les Paul ProEpiphone Les Paul ProConsidered as a "Tuxedo" due to its look and beauty.

1. Fender Mexican Standard Telecaster

Stratocaster Electric

This is one step up from the standard Fender Telecaster. It has some of the more heavy duty hardware, Fender players have grown to love. Including great strings that can be played right out of the box.

If you love Fender and you want something in your price range, you cannot go wrong with this beast. It looks and feels like all you’d expect from Fender.

Get ready to play premium tones on a guitar meant for the lower price range but delivering sound that outperforms the competition. Pick it up here and have it delivered to your door in no time.

We recommend these guys for FREE Shipping, Best Price Guaranteed, & easy returns. 

2. Fender Mexican Standard Stratocaster

Dean V Dave Mustaine.

When you think 70’s you think Fender. When you think 70’s guitar look, you think Fender Mexican Standard Stratocaster. It just has that passion burning look to get played. This guitar is packed with the type of Fender versatility you’ve come to expect. If you are a beginner and looking for an inexpensive guitar, this Fender is so much guitar for the price. This has Fender’s classic tone and style. With an alder body, it just has a timeless look and feel. A ‘70s-style headstock with a die-cast tuner you will be sure to love at any stage.

3. Schecter Omen Extreme 6

Schecter Omen Extreme 6

This guitar is a packed with great features. From a crisp and sturdy mahogany body w/string-thru body to it’s beautiful carved maple top. The Schecter really gives the competition a run for the money. With its cutaway body, the guitar looks extremely custom. Sure this Schecter Omen is under $500 bucks. But it comes packed with great hardware, strings and much more for that price. With the high-output Diamond Plus humbuckers, you get such a crisp sound from this guitar.

4. ESP MH-50 (Best Electric Guitar Under $300)


The ESP MH-50 sounds like some artillery ammo. And when it comes to delivering deep and hard-hitting tones, it is. For under $300 dollars, you can’t beat it. It has a wonderful basswood gitbox w/ a LH150 pickup. Strung together, it’s a wonderful axe at an affordable price. With a 3-way toggle, it compliments the guitar as a whole. 3-way toggle on less expensive are typically cheap and easily broken. Not on the ESP MH-50. It is well crafted with a maple rosewood neck and the fretboard 24 XJ frets. Just a great guitar at an extremely affordable price.

5. Epiphone Les Paul Pro

Epiphone Les Paul Pro

After making its first appearance in 1954, Les Paul Goldtop began a legacy with the Les Paul Custom series guitar. These Epiphone guitars are packed with quality components. This is a masterpiece guitar. And for the price, it simply is unbelievable. It may not be a Gibson Tribute, but it is state of the art craftsmanship. This became Les Paul’s signature solid body electric guitar. It is considered by most in the industry as the “tuxedo” due to its look and beauty. It has classic gold hardware, fully bound body and a neck and headstock that are as solid as the come. A great axe not only for the price but for any price.

A Steal Under $200

ImageElectric GuitarSummaryRating
Yamaha Pacifica SeriesYamaha Pacifica Series PAC012Entry level guitar with outstanding tone and playability.

Jackson-JS22-DinkyJackson JS22 DinkyClassic tones and style. Perfect for beginner.

1. Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC012

Yamaha Pacifica Series

Yamaha’s Pacifica PAC012 guitar is ready to go right when it hits your door. Yes, it is inexpensive but don’t let that stop you from going all in for beginner level guitar skills.

If you are trying to apply the techniques you’ve learned online or those you’ve learned by watching your favorite guitarist, the Yamaha Pacifica PAC012 is just what you need.

It is literally the one guitar our entire crew of professional guitarists can recommend as the absolute best bang for your buck! ​

Now that’s saying something!

Yamaha’s Pacifica guitars continue to provide the most entry level guitars with outstanding tone and playability. So regardless of the genre, you’re trying to master you will have clean and consistent sound.

2. Jackson JS22 Dinky


This guitar is a fantastic and compact beginner guitar. It’s very affordable and built by Jackson’s classic durable engineers and designers. In terms of Jackson’s development, they continue to make strides forward. Huge leaps in affordability and quality. It has a classic elegantly arch-top basswood body with a 24 jumbo fret. It truly is a solid guitar to start with and keep for years to come. It has several upgradable options that will make it more complex as you progress. So if you’re just getting things off the ground, this Jackson JS22 Dinky is the guitar for you.

Hollow Body Guitars

ImageElectric GuitarSummaryRating
Godin 5th AvenueGodin 5th Avenue CW Electric Guitar (Kingpin II)Vintage experience with a good sound.

Gretsch G5420TGretsch G5420T Electromatic Hollow BodyClassic tones and style. Perfect for beginner.

Epiphone Wildcat PearlEpiphone Wildcat Pearl White Limited EditionClassic vintage axe, outfitted in a beautiful pearl white finish.

PRS SEPRS SE Custom Semi-HollowProvide years of quality sounds.

Fender Modern PlayerFender Modern Player Deluxe Thinline TelecasterGreat versatility compared to other guitars on the same price range.

1. Godin 5th Avenue CW Electric Guitar (Kingpin II)

Godin 5th Avenue

A classic North American archtop electric guitar. The 5th Avenue Kingpin II holds it’s own in hollow body electric guitars. The price is amazingly inexpensive for the quality guitar this is. It keeps that vintage experience hollow bodies are known for. Although Godin has continually tried to make progress in the guitar market, they hit a home run with this guitar. We have been impressed by it’s look and feel right down to the case it comes with.

For more information on Godin, click on this link. But for incredibly low prices, click here and order your Godin 5th Avenue CW Electric guitar today.

2. Gretsch G5420T Electromatic® Hollow Body

Gretsch G5420T

The G5420T Electromatic Electric Guitar is a clear winner is so many categories. It just has that classic 60’s look, feel, and sound to it. If you’re looking at going old school blues or just classic rock, we cannot suggest this one enough. Obviously, it covers all the genre types of much but the G5420T has an axe to grind. The simple maple neck with the rosewood fingerboard is killer. Making this Gretsch a high note in value and quality.

It’s got classic twang the Gretsch classics are known for. So regardless if you are jumping into blues, country or jazz, this guitar has everything you need to push the envelope a little harder.

3. Epiphone Wildkat Pearl White Limited Edition

Epiphone Wildcat Pearl

The Epiphone Wildkat is a pearl of beauty in our line-up. It just looks like you know what you’re doing when holding one of these. Is has the same f-hole archtop design the Epiphone series is known for but with a totally different look. The gold hardware makes this thing look like it’s right out of the Graceland mansion. Size wise, it sits right in between the Les Paul and DOT 335. This is a classic vintage axe, outfitted in a beautiful pearl white finish. Just a great design to add to your collection.

4. PRS SE Custom Semi-Hollow


The PRS Semi-Hollow is a custom guitar without the box quality midrange. It’s both a versatile and dynamic usability of this axe, will provide you with years of quality sounds. This guitar is designed for both live events and small jam sessions in your house. If you have always wanted to add a hollow body to your list, get this PRS.

The dual humbuckers with a volume, tone, and 3-way toggle configuration make it an easy tool to use for beginners or just those looking to expand their list of guitars. This is a great buy at any skill level. PRS guitars are known for their lasting value and long term durability. So another great one to add to your list.

5. Fender Modern Player Deluxe Thinline Telecaster

Fender Modern Player

New:The Fender Telecaster was originally designed with beginners in mind. But has seen some upside to veterans and novice players alike. Sure it’s not made in America or Mexico but with the Fender 22 Frets and semi-hollow structure, makes it a great pick. The price being in the $500 range, leave’s a lot of play for amp upgrades. It has the classic Fender vintage-style tuners, combined with a Hard Tail bridge.

This guitar has great versatility compared to other comparable guitars in the same price range. This is a guitar you can play right out the case. It includes the Fender classic single f-hole so it should be a “welcome home” guitar for those who are accustomed to getting Fenders as a name brand.

Best Bass Electric Guitar

ImageElectric GuitarSummaryRating
Fender Deluxe ActiveFender Deluxe Active P Bass SpecialGreat old model. Good price and quality.

Yamaha BB SeriesYamaha BB Series BB424Great piece of work for serious bass performer.

Schecter StilletoSchecter Stilleto Custom-4Have ability to punch on the low and the roll out smooth tones on the high.

1. Fender Deluxe Active P Bass® Special

Fender Deluxe Active P

In our lineup of great guitars, the Fender Deluxe Active P Bass Special, is a high note in our list.

Seasoned bass players from around the world, rely on Fenders continual quality and craftsmanship.

The Deluxe Active P Bass is a great hybrid model with the old classic alder body.

With a 20-fret and a 9.5’’ radius rosewood or maple fingerboard, it certain to impress musically as well as aesthetically. These P bodies are known for being a little smaller and lighter.

But with the J neck being a bit thinner and more response, it gives you much more volume and play. For being in the $1000 dollar price range, it’s a steal!

2. Yamaha BB Series BB424

Yamaha BB Series

This BB424 Yamaha is a great staple in the 424X brand. It has several features that make this a quality bass guitar for our line-up. The five-bolt neck join is just the right shape for 21 frets. The 45-degree through-body stringing is an interesting update.

The goal of the Yamaha here was to decrease the stress on the strings. And it does just that. Giving you lasting play. The custom alder spline joint body and 5 piece maple neck gives the right feel and texture a bass guitar should. This axe is truly a great piece of work for any serious bass performer.

3. Schecter Stiletto Custom-4

Schecter Stilleto

Schecter Stiletto Custom 4 is an electric bass with some new and improved features from the older Deluxe version. What establishes this as a custom Stiletto is not only the complexity and beauty of its look but also it’s low-end and high-end sound quality.

As an electric guitar, it seems to have such an ability to punch on the low and roll out smooth tones on the high. We get that most of our readers are metal players but Schecter Stiletto really can do so much more. It can be dialed for consistent tones regardless if you’re playing Jazz, Rock, Blues, really anything you can think of. A great guitar.


Since this guitar is always being upgraded. It is not finalized. As guitars get upgraded, new brands come out, our list will adapt to those changes. Our goal was to cover guitars under the $2000 range.

For more information on specific guitars, we encourage you to check out this lis here. Although our prices will beat out the retail price, it’s good to get all the information you can.

Purchasing a guitar that is corresponding to your level.

So if you are just finishing up with your online lessons or you have been playing the guitar for years, it’s time to purchase the guitar you’ve always wanted.

From Fenders to Gibsons, to the Classic Vibe Stratocaster, now is the time. Prices have been going up and down over the years and happen to be a low point now.

Maybe you always wanted a Pacifica or LPJ, stop dragging your feet and get practicing more. It takes a real guitar to learn real skills.

After saving up or with a little bit of spending cash, why wait? Start playing that classic BM chord you’ve been trying to master on a brand new electric guitar.​

We have perfectly broken this guide up to fit any budget. So if you are already settled on a certain amount, just go to that section to find your new guitar.

Just know that even if you buy a guitar in the $500 dollar range, we have the best selection for the newest guitarist.

You will not be getting any junk on this list. From our top 10 to our bottom pick. They are all hand selected and tried decisions.

Our hope is that you just keep looking through the list, reading the reviews until you find the guitar you always wanted.

We know it’s on here, so just scan through, read, read and read again. But at last, pick one man!

Having it sit in some factory calling out your name, is of no help to anyone.

Never spend more than you can afford.

With the purchase of your new electric guitar will come with other needs. You will have to look at items like an amplifier, strings, lessons, picks, and much more. Quality is a big issue for all of these items. Which is why we have also begun a list of recommendations you can find all over our site.

Buying cheap complementary parts will only hurt you in the long run. So making sure you have the best quality guitar at the best price will give you opportunities to upgrade things like the amp and more.

Getting a mid quality guitar with a mid quality amp will give you good sound that will be very professional sounding.

But making sure the quality matches both the guitar and amp ensure they are working together not fighting each other.

So looking into these decisions are great on all fronts so you have a lasting team of tools.