Best Guitar Cables

Most of us, guitar players, easily get caught up in all the nitpicky guitar seeking, amplifier testing, and pedalboard constructing – and quite rightfully so. All of the aforementioned components make up our guitar sound. But, a certain part of this whole chain tends to get overlooked. The author of these lines is guilty of it himself and has to admit that he learned a lot about guitar cables by doing the research for this article, despite the years of both live and studio experience.

The guitar cable is quite a delicate piece of the puzzle that can seriously affect your guitar sound, without you ever realizing it. If it’s not a quality piece it can shape the sound in an undesirable way, leaving you with a muddy signal lacking the top end of the spectrum. So, we have searched the options available through and through, coming up with this list in which we tried to represent all of the different price ranges and a huge variety of options out there on the market.

So, without further ado, here are our top ten guitar cables.

Planet Waves American Stage Guitar Cable

We start off with a real superstar. Every aspect of this wonderful piece of equipment is rather amazing. At a mid-range price, you will get some of the features that are usually only reserved for the top of the line guitar cables. First of all, the oxygen-free copper conductor can easily be regarded as a high-quality audiophile wire. It is followed by the foamed polythene insulation and a durable polymer coating, making it a great-sounding and highly reliable guitar cable. Its construction ensures that no movement of the cable interferes with the sound, therefore making it a great choice for the studio, as well as the live setting. 

It also comes equipped with the high-quality Neutrik plugs, which is another hallmark of guitar cables way above this price range. The Geo-Tip is another tremendous feature, which makes that ever-so-satisfying ‘’click’’ sound, just to let you know you are fully plugged in. The Planet Waves American Stage cables come in both right-hand angled and straight-angled variations, as well as the whole range of lengths between 10ft and 30ft.

Built like a tank, this cable is a real road warrior which can definitely endure the rigors of touring. With an amazing array of features, at a reasonable price, this just may be one of the best guitar cables currently available on the market!

Mogami Gold Guitar and Instrument Cable

If Mogami Gold Guitar and Instrument Cable was in any dictionary, it would have surely said ‘’perfection’’ underneath its name. As a product developed from the scientific studies done by the experts at the Mogami laboratory, this cable is a true gem. 

First of all, the signal transferring is second-to-none. All of that is powered by the polymer sub-shield, an ultra-high density spiral shield and an oxygen-free copper wire which gives you the unreal clarity that is definitely the main draw of all the Mogami products. Besides that, the PVC anti-static shield layer makes this cable immune to any movement noises and signal interferences, while the golden connectors ensure that there is no crackling sound present. 

Having in mind all of the aforementioned goodness, one can quickly draw the conclusion that this cable is the live performer’s dream. While it most certainly is, its applicability in the studio situation is something that this cable is most famous for. 

The main reason why this cable became an industry standard that is so adored by dozens of big-name acts is its neutral balance which ensures maximum output. What that means is that the whole frequency range of your guitar signal will stay unaffected and preserved, making it the best cable on the market for studio recordings.

Available in all lengths, from 10 ft to 25 ft and with a lifetime warranty, this cable is really worth the spend for all the professionals out there!

Fender Performance Series

As far as we are concerned, this is the best low-end price cable currently on the market. With its copper shield that eliminates any interferences and the PVC cover that minimizes the handling noise, this is one helluva reliable piece of gear, especially having in mind the pricing. Available in 5ft to 10ft practice cable lengths and 15ft to 25ft stage cable lengths, as well as the straight jacks only.

Best bang for your buck, definitely! Incredible features at a really low price – and it also comes with a lifetime warranty!

Spectraflex Original Series Instrument Cable

Right off the bat, the braided fabric coating, present on this very cable makes for a visually impressive feat, especially compared to the rubber coating we have conditioned ourselves to, over the years. But, of course, it is not just about the looks. This fabric makes this cable highly durable and road worthy, but not only that…As every guitar player worth his salt knows, the struggle of distinguishing your cable from the other cables on stage can be quite frustrating, especially if they got tangled and if you haven’t marked your cable. That definitely won’t be a problem with this one, since it’s quite different looking than any other cable. 

The sound transparency is almost Mogami-worthy. And this is no joke. Equipped with 20 AWG ultra-pure copper central conductor and covered with polymer shield, this one is a real superstar in studio situations, as well. No humming noise whatsoever with this one, you can rest assured. Not only does its strong build make it long lasting and sturdy, but it also relieves you of any tangling headaches, since the material is quite kink-resistant.

At somewhat of a high-end price, this cable may not be for everyone. But if you consider yourself an aspiring guitar player or a seasoned veteran, this is the cable for you! Coming with a lifetime warranty, this is the cable great for both studio and live situations! Impressive!

Amboz Red Dragon Cable

It’s hard to tell what is the coolest thing about this cable. Is it the looks, the name, the features? The red and black outer shield really makes it stand out among other guitar cables. The shield is made out of durable woven tweed, making it a robust, roadworthy beast. The clearness and the transparency of the sound are unimaginable and achieved by using a copper core, of course. 

The inside PVC layer, as well as the golden jacks further eliminate any unwanted noises and constitute one of the purest sounding cables currently on the market. The available lengths are 10 ft and 20 ft and it’s available with both straight or angled jacks.

With a lifetime guarantee, reasonable pricing, ultra-clear sound, and strong outer cover, this one is one of our top picks, at this price range at least!

GLS Audio 20 ft Curly Instrument Cable

The curls might throw some off. On the other hand, there’s a bunch of kinky fetishists out there that really like them curls. We assume the there is also a certain percentage of you that do not have a formed opinion on this topic, so, we are going to lay out a few useful things to know regarding these curly babies.

First of all, don’t worry. The resemblance with the old telephone wires is only peripheral. Namely, the manufacturers use the newest technologies to create the wires and the outer shells, so the only part similar to telephones is the bare looks. 

Now, having said that, if you’re not experienced with these kinds of cables, the one thing worth knowing is that they are not ideal if you are using any pedals in between your guitar and your amp on stage. 

Namely, these cables will usually drag the pedals along with you which is not something you usually want. But on the other hand, in studio situations, as well as with your at-home guitar playing, this is no problem. It can even be quite convenient since the curls save up some space and also make sure that dust does not cover your cable that much. 

Now that we have explained some things, we can get back to this bad boy. Its oxygen-free copper insulator shield and the conductive PVC shield provide you with a very clear sound. The black rubber outer cover is quite layered and it’s much more durable and sturdy than it may look to some. The cable is marketed to be 20ft long, which really is the case, but since the curls are involved, its practical length really is around 10ft. It comes equipped with one rectangular and one straight jack!

Maybe not for everyone, but in the right hands, it can really work majestically well!

Hosa GTR-210 Straight to Straight Guitar Cable

The best beginner option on the market, for sure! Whether you are a beginner or a bedroom guitar player, this is definitely the best option the market currently has to offer. It’s traditionally well-built with oxygen-free copper conductors and sturdy metal plugs. As the name itself suggests, it has a straight to straight jack configuration. This cable comes in lengths between 5ft and 25ft.

All in all, we would not regard this as a long-term option for any serious guitar player. However, it is really well made, especially if you have the pricing in mind. At this price point, this should be regarded as every bedroom guitar player’s wet dream!

George L’s 155 Gauge Cable

If you’re scrolling through this list looking to find a cable that will be your trustworthy tool for studio recording, look no further! This is it! Wonderfully constructed with all of the usual suspects present here, this cable also features some innovations. 

Namely, the cable features the anti-static component that cuts off any unwanted hum, buzz, or any other noises in general, for that matter. Whenever you first come into touch with this guitar cable, the first thing you usually notice is how thin it actually is. Some may worry that it’s too fragile, but the fact that it’s also lightweight makes it really durable and sturdy, actually. 

It also features fixed plugs, which is something you guys usually either really love or really hate. One of the most brilliant attributes of this cable is the fact that it accentuates the high frequencies that usually get lost with even some of the better cables out there. It also comes quite handy when using pedals since it can dramatically reduce some of the awful unwanted noises pedals tend to make.

Available at the length of 10ft, this is a dream come true of any serious studio musician!

Gibson Memory Cable

What we have here is a true wonder of technology! Namely, this beast is able to record up to 13 hours of music you have played onto a built-in 4GB MicroSD card! 

Yeah, you heard that well. You really have to try it out to believe it. 

The super-compact recorder of this memory cable is designed by TASCAM, which is the current leader of portable recording in the music industry and it also does it in CD audio quality. 

Not only that, you don’t even have to be plugged into your amp! You can only plug one jack into your guitar and let rip! Another cool way of using it is to put it into your PA system if you want to record the whole band rehearsing. 

Yet another insanely convenient trick is the fact that you can use it to restore and transfer your performance to your DAW, in case your program crashed during the recording. And if you thought that was too much, the mere fact that besides that it can act as a regular cable with pristine sound will probably really blow your mind.

It‘s really hard for us to draw any conclusion for a technologically superabundant cable like this. If you’ve skimmed to this point, go back and read the paragraph above carefully. You will thank us later.

D’Addario Planet Waves Circuit Breaker

We are finishing off our top ten guitar cable list  yet with another unique guitar cable. All of you out there are probably familiar with that annoying sound that appears every time you have to quickly unplug the cable from your guitar in order to change to another. Well, with this bad boy things like that simply do not happen!

As the name rather suggests, the cable comes packed with a built-in switch which instantaneously turns off the signal, making sure there are no unpleasant sounds. In live situations where you change guitars within one song, or in case you break the string, this cable can really be a lifesaver. Other than this insanely cool feature, it’s really a great cable with all of the traditional components really well crafted.

Comes available at the length of 20ft!


That concludes our list of the best guitar cables currently available on the market. Since new materials are being tested on a regular basis, we will update this article with time to time with some new additions.