Christopher Amott Seeking Vocalist For Armageddon

Former Arch Enemy guitarist Christopher Amott has announced that his melodic heavy metal band Armageddon will be returning from hiatus and is seeking a full time vocalist.
In a statement posted on Amott’s Facebook page, it was revealed that Armageddon had been resurrected with new material and a new lineup featuring Amott, guitarist Matthew Wicklund (God Forbid) and drummer Van Williams (ex-Nevermore).
The band is now seeking a frontman and listed the following preferred attributes of the vocalist-to-be in the Facebook statement:
-All ages considerable but must present a fit and healthy image
-Creative sensibility for rhythm and melody, but able to perform pre-composed music. The role of the vocalist will be firstly as a performer.
-Mainly clean singing (this does not mean power metal) Perhaps someone that is adept in multiple styles. We are interested in trying all ranges.
-Growling/screaming ability is a plus, but not a must. We are open to experimenting with a range of different vocal stylings within the music.
-And of course- Killer stage presence!
Although Armageddon is currently based in the New York/New Jersey/Pennsylvania region, the band stated: “…if you’re right for us and live elsewhere we’ll make it work.”
To audition to become the vocalist for Armageddon, follow the proceeding instructions as specified in the band’s statement:
“Please send us a sample of your singing , Pictures, videos(links), website/contact info, etc. If we like what we hear/see we will contact you for interview/audition. All material should be sent to
“This will be a paying gig as we get things rolling and we plan to be focusing on this full time. Any applying vocalists should have interest in a full-time career in music.”

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