Dan Donegan Discusses Disturbed’s Future

Disturbed guitarist Dan Donegan has commented on recent speculations that the band is breaking up. Unfortunately, the guitarist was only able to shed a small amount of light on the situation, as not even he knows exactly what’s going on.

“I really don’t know. I don’t have a clear answer because I’m not sure where everybody’s head is at, at the moment other than we’re having a great time out on tour, we’re going out big. We’re carrying big production. We wanna end this on a big note. I think we’re not ready to sit down and have the discussions of when we wanna get back together, or if we’re gonna. So we’re kind of winging it.” Donegan told Dallas radio station KEGL-FM.

Speaking with Musik Universe at the recent Heavy MTL festival in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Donegan explained that the band no longer has any direction; ‘We’ve been going strong for over a decade… usually we know in advance what our next step is and right now we just haven’t discussed it.’ The guitarist added, ‘we’re kinda uncertain at this point. We’re not really sure what we wanna do… The future is uncertain. We haven’t sat down as a group and said, “Where do we go from here?”’

One thing concerning the bands immediate future that is certain, is that they’ll be finishing up their current tour, before going on indefinite hiatus; ‘We’re going back to the States, to finish the Mayhem tour. We’re going to South America, for the first time, to do four shows there, and we just haven’t really put much though past that.’

Speculation over Disturbed’s future began two weeks ago following an Idaho radio station interview with vocalist David Draiman, where the singer claimed; ‘This is gonna be the last tour that the American people get to see us in for awhile, if not indefinitely. We have some things going on internally. We have some personal things going on.’

Donegan concluded his KEGL-FM interview, with; ‘When we start getting the itch, if that day comes five months from now or five years from now, then we’ll discuss what we wanna do then.’

You can watch the Musik Universe below.