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BIOGRAPHY – Eddie Clarke

Eddie started playing the guitar at the age of 15, he then joined a local band named The Bitter End. In the early 1970’s he joined a professional band called Zeus which Curtis Knight started playing lead guitarist. They put out a album called The Second Coming with record label Olympic Studios.

Eddie wrote music to Knights lyrics …on the song titled, “The Confession.” Clarke also came out with the Sea Of time while he was with Zeus. After shortly recording the second album called Sea o Time while soon after splitting with Allan Callan, Nick Hogarth, and Chris Perry and forming the band Blue Goose. After leaving with bitten ends with Curtis Knight Blue Goose landed with a deal with Anchor Records.

While playing with Blue Goose Clark found himself providing fellow band member Callan with equipment also while being drowned out by him later on left the band after releasing the track instrumental “Over The Top” formed the band Be-Bop Deluxe with Charlie Tumahai, Ann McCluskie, and Jim Thompson in 1975. Soon after the band failed to obtain a record deal and they split. Soon after Clarke work at a job where he met Phil Taylor the drummer of Motorhead. Soon Clarke was introduced to Lemmy and started playing guitar for the band. While with Motorhead Clarke made several records including singing vocals in several songs including “Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers” and “I’m Your Witch Doctor.” He also did lead vocals for “Step Down.” and “Emergency.”

In 1982 Clarke left Motorhead since their album did not sell very well and because of the principals of the band. Clarke did play for Motorhead in several different occasions to fill in for the lack of members. After leaving Motorhead Clarke soon joined some musicians including Pete Way, Topper Headrom, and Dave King and formed the band Fastway.

Fastway soon landed a label with CBS records. Soon after band members split to play with other bands CBS still stuck with Fastway. After going threw several band members and struggling to keep the band together Clarke ventured out on his own keeping the name Fastway he landed a deal with GWR Records. Clarke also paired up with old members of previous bands including Lemmy from Motorhead on several occasions. In 2007 he was interviewed by Komodo Rock and roll and announced he would be working on new material for Fastway.