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BIOGRAPHY – Frank Iero

Frank Iero is the rhythm guitarist and youngest band member of alternative rock band My Chemical Romance and he also is the front man in a side project punk band Leatherman.

Frank Iero was born in Belleville New Jersey in 1981.He learned guitar at a young age and started playing in bands at 11 years old. His favourite guitarist was Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day and Frank Iero learned guitar by imitating him.

As a child, Frank Iero suffered from bronchitis and ear infections, causing him to miss school. Today he still suffers with his health as a sufferer of Epstein Barr Virus, which causes him to miss concerts occasionally.

After leaving school, he won a scholarship to attend Rutgers University but dropped out after being asked to join My Chemical Romance in 2002. The band felt that they wanted an extra guitarist to play with Ray Toro to fill out the sound.

Before Frank Iero joined My Chemical Romance, he played in several other bands, the most notable Pencey Prep who released one album “Heartbreak in Stereo” in 2001. Pency Prep was also signed to New Jersey’s Eyeball Records – My Chemical Romance’s early record label, and although were gaining success and recognition disbanded in 2001.

As well as Frank Iero’s work with My Chemical Romance, he has also created a side project punk band Leathermouth in which he sings. The band released an album in 2009 titled “XO” and although this has failed to chart it did get to number 21 on the Top Heatseekers chart in the same year.

Frank Iero is most noted for his work in My Chemical Romance where he works very closely with fellow guitarist and band music composer Ray Toro. In the early days of the band. Frank Iero played Epiphone Les Pauls, most notably a white copy that he named Pansy. Unfortunately, this got broken on stage. Today Frank Iero plays Gibson Les Pauls and occasionally a Gibson SG.

As well as music, Frank Iero has his own clothing line, record label, and publishing company called Skeleton Crew. He is also a supporter of Gay Rights, is married with two children and is a vegetarian. He was voted the world’s sexiest vegetarian in 2008 by animal rights charity PETA.