Gary Holt On Leaving Exodus For Slayer

Exodus guitarist Gary Holt has stated that he would never join Slayer full-time if he would have to leave Exodus to do so.
In a recent interview with Metal Titans, Holt, who has been filling in for Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman since 2011, said he wouldn’t rule out becoming one of the band’s permanent members; however, he maintained that he wouldn’t join Slayer, “…if it meant the end of what I’ve been doing all my life.”
Holt explained that although he has been busy touring with Slayer for the past two years, he has continued writing for Exodus throughout: “…I’m keeping the work going with Exodus – I’ve been doing a lot of riff-writing on tour…In the summer with Slayer I’m taking a little digital recording rig with me, so I can continue to working on stuff in hotel rooms.”
Holt’s comments come following Slayer guitarist Kerry King’s recent remark to Metal Obsession that, “I think Gary is in for the long haul,” and that he would be, “okay” with Holt becoming a permanent Slayer guitarist.
King said he hadn’t spoken to Hanneman, “in forever” and was unsure whether he planned to return at all. He added that Slayer’s next album had been written without him: “It’s all my stuff for now. I did that just in case – I don’t know what Jeff’s intentions are. I wanted to have Slayer covered in case he doesn’t come to the party.”
Hanneman hasn’t performed a full concert with Slayer since he contracted a flesh-eating disease called necrotizing fasciitis from a spider bite over two years ago. In the previous update of his condition, Slayer admitted that they are still uncertain when or if he would return.
Stay tuned for further updates.