Jeff Kendrick Reflects On His Career In DevilDriver

Hey guys,

I know the news about my departure from DevilDriver has begun to spread over the internet and I appreciate all of your kind words and well wishes.

I really want everyone to know how hard a decision it is for me to leave one of the most important things in my entire life. Some of the biggest highlights in my life have been with DevilDriver. I am proud of all the albums we have created and I think that we have been one of the most important metal bands of the past 15 years. These things happen, regardless of how well a band is doing, or the future projections – sometimes it is best to leave at a point where everything is on top. I have grown from a young man in my early 20’s to now a few months short of my 35th birthday during my time with the band. I cannot say that moving forward is the easiest thing, as when you put this much time into anything it is never just a simple decision to walk away without any feelings or questions. That is why I believe in never making impulsive decisions.

I would hope that everyone here would find in life what makes them happy. We all have a limited time on this earth to make the most of what we have. Give it your all and make sure that no one ever gets in your way or holds you back. Most importantly, make sure YOU never hold yourself back from discovering what it is that that you want. Be prepared to take risks and fail. One day you will succeed in finding yourself and what is true in your heart.

Thanks for the years of support and I look forward to keeping you up to date with my future projects and endeavors.

All the best,