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BIOGRAPHY – John Mayer

John Mayer is an American singer songwriter and guitarist who is well known in the USA but remains mostly unknown to mainstream audiences in the UK and Europe.
John Mayer was born in 1977 in Connecticut. He attended the Berkley college of music then moved to Atlanta Georgia in 1997 where he started performing, rapidly gaining a following as a talented singer songwriter. John Mayer played at the 2000 South by Southwest festival in Austin Texas and was spotted by Aware records who signed him, then passing him over to Columbia.
John Mayer released two albums “Room for Squares” in 2001 and “Heavier Things” in 2003, which both reached platinum status, and he won the Best Male Pop Vocal Performance Grammy Award in 2003 for “Your Body Is a Wonderland” the single from the first album.
John Mayer continued to release albums and perform and he won the 2005 Grammy award for song of the year with his number 1 hit single “Daughters” Since then he has released two further albums, “Continuum” in 2006 and “Battle Studies”, his most recent project in 2009. He also founded the John Mayer Trio in 2005 a blues rock band that has released one album “Try” in 2005 and is a live album.
Influenced at an early age by Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Mayer’s blues focused guitar style is reminiscent of Eric Clapton and BB King both of whom he has collaborated with. He is a songwriter and his melodic songs and smooth singing voice have led to numerous Grammy awards and nominations in all categories.
In 2004 John Mayer was invited by Steve Jobs to perform at Apple‘s Macworld conference and Expo leading on the annual performances including the launch of the I phone. John Mayer also played at the Michael Jackson memorial service in 2009 performing his song “Human Nature”.
John Mayer has toured with many well known acts such as Cheryl Crow, Maroon 5, Ben Folds and Counting Crows. He has also toured Europe and the UK hoping to find the popularity that he achieves in his home country but which up to now has eluded him.