Kickstarter Campaign Launched For Jerry Garcia Film

Renowned rock and roll filmmaker Malcolm Leo has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a new documentary about legendary Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia, titled ‘JERRY: THE MOVIE.’ A preview of the film can be viewed below.

In 1987, Leo was granted an interview with Garcia for Rolling Stone Magazine’s twentieth anniversary. According to a statement issued on the films Kickstarter page, Leo’s proceeding conversation with Garcia revealed a side of the guitarist never before seen:

“For more than two hours he responded to Leo’s questions from the bottom of his heart. At the height of his success and in the midst of his happiest days, Jerry Garcia opened his mind and revealed his soul.”
Twenty five years later, Leo and a team of esteemed filmmakers are ready to bring the insightful interview to the big screen and are asking for $400,000 towards licensing music, film and images. Pledges of $1 to $10,000 can be made. Each backer of the film will receive a gift of appreciation.

“We wanted to make this movie outside of the Hollywood system, free of their notes, politics and happy endings,” the team explained. “So we asked ourselves, what would Jerry do? We posed the question to anybody who would listen and the answers were varied — sometimes brilliant, often funny and occasionally wild. Our conclusion: leave it in the hands of the Deadheads.”

‘JERRY: THE MOVIE’ will feature never-before-seen footage, photographs, performances and home concert footage.

Additionally, the team added: “We will be giving exclusive photo, video and email updates during production and post-production to all Kickstarter supporters. You will get to experience the moviemaking process as if you were sitting next to Malcolm in the edit suite.”

The ‘JERRY: THE MOVIE’ Kickstarter campaign will finish just before Christmas.
“With your participation we will create the quintessential tribute to a man who embodied the time when heart mattered, compassion ruled and love prevailed…The more backing we receive, the more awesome Jerry content we can include in this film. Just because we hit our goal doesn’t mean we can’t use more backing. Help us to make this movie as inclusive as it can be!”
Click here for more details and to make a pledge.