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BIOGRAPHY – Lindsey Buckingham

On October 3, 1949 in Palo Alto, California, Lindsey Buckingham was born. As well as being the lead guitarist and male vocals for Fleetwood Mac, Lindsey has also released five solo albums and one live album. Lindsey does not use a pick to play his guitar but, instead, fingerpicks with his nails. Ever since 1979, Lindsey has primarily used his Model One guitar that was made by the owner of Renaissance Guitars, Rick Turner. Lindsey’s major influences include the Beach Boys and the Kingston Trio.

Lindsey’s first experience playing the guitar was playing a toy Mickey Mouse guitar along to his older brother’s 45s. After his parents noticed he had talent they purchased him a Harmony guitar. Lindsey never took guitar lessons and he does not read music. By the age of thirteen Lindsey became interested in folk music. He was influenced by banjo methods and he practiced fingerpicking. When he was fifteen he joined a folk band called Fritz, where he played guitar and sang.

In 1972, Lindsey and, his then girlfriend, Stevie Nicks recorded seven demos and went to Los Angeles in search of a record deal. They were signed by Polydor Records in 1973, and their album Buckingham Nicks was released that same year. Polydor Records dropped them shortly after due to poor record sales. In 1974, Mick Fleetwood heard their song “Frozen Love,” and immediately wanted Lindsey to join his band. Lindsey would not join him unless Stevie was able to as well. On New Year’s Eve the same year, Lindsey and Stevie joined Fleetwood Mac.

Fleetwood Mac’s second album, Rumors, became one of the bestselling albums of all time. Lindsey’s song, “Go Your Own Way” was the hit single from this album. During the making of this album Lindsey and Stevie ended their relationship but maintained their professional one. In 1979, their double album, Tusk, was released, which was primarily directed by Lindsey. The sales of this album did not match those of Rumors and after their world tour in 1980, the band took a one-year hiatus. After reuniting, the band recorded their album, Mirage, which put the band back at the top of the charts. Because most of the band began working on solo projects five years would pass before they would record their next album, Tango in the Night, in 1987.

By 1987 Lindsey had already recorded and released two solo albums, Law and Order, in 1981 and, Go Insane, in 1984. Lindsey left Fleetwood Mac as a result of tensions within the band and because he had no desire to tour. In 1992, he released his third solo album Out of the Cradle, and also went on his first solo tour. During this same year, Bill Clinton requested that Fleetwood Mac come together to play their song “Don’t Stop,” which he had chosen as his inaugural ceremony. In 1997, Fleetwood Mac reunited for a world tour called The Dance. This tour helped repair the rift between Lindsey and his band mates. Lindsey and the band would tour again in 2009 on a tour called Unleashed.