Matt Bellamy

BIOGRAPHY – Matt Bellamy

Matt Bellamy is best known as the guitarist, pianist and songwriter of the alternative rock band Muse.

Mathew James Bellamy was born in 1978. His father, George Bellamy was the guitarist in 1960s pop group Tornadoes who had a hit single with Telstar.

Matt Bellamy learned the guitar aged 14 while living in Teignmouth Devon with his grandmother, following his parents divorce. On leaving school, Matt Bellamy played in some local bands and then met fellow Muse members at Teignmouth Community college in 1994. First calling the band Rocket Baby Dolls they later changed the name to Muse because it sounded more professional.

Muse spent the next few years playing and building a fan base before recording their first EP “Muse” at Sawmill studios –a local recording studio ran by Dennis Smith who knew  Matt Bellamy’s parents. The second EP, “Muscle Museum EP” attracted more attention and airplay by radio 1 DJ Steve Lamacq.

Muse released their first album Showbiz in 1999 and since then have gone on to release a further four more studio albums as well as live albums and compilation sets.

Matt Bellamy is the main songwriter behind Muse and has been won many accolades for his guitar playing as well as being voted number 1 in Kerrangs “Most sexiest rocker list” Matt Bellamy brings a mixture of electronica, prog rock, alternative rock and classical music influences into Muse and their stage show is known for energetic and visually impressive live performances.

Muse has toured the world playing to sell out audiences globally and Matt Bellamy holds the Guinness book of record for smashing the most guitars on tour – his record is 140.

Matt Bellamy was  voted Guitarist of the decade in 2010 by Total Guitar Magazine and has been ranked 14th in the NME poll “Greatest rock and roll hero of all time”.

Matt Bellamy mainly uses Manson guitars custom built and designed for him by Hugh Manson of Exeter but also has been seen to play Gibson Les Paul, Gibson SG and Fender Stratocaster. He once lost a Jackson Randy Rhoads guitar after throwing it into the audience.

Matt Bellamy appears as a playable character in computer game Guitar Hero with his song “Plug in Baby”.