Munky Discusses Next Fear and the Nervous System Record

Korn/Fear and the Nervous System guitarist James ‘Munky’ Shaffer recently spoke with Artist Direct about his plans for the next Fear and the Nervous System record. A couple of excerpts from the chat can be read below.

Munky said that he was in the early phases of writing the follow-up to Fear and the Nervous System’s 2011 self-titled debut: “I have some songs written. They’re not complete. They’re ideas, but I think there might be some pieces of music within them.”
Munky explained that he had a process for deciding which band is best suited for a newly written song: “I’ll write something and ask, ‘Could I use that for Korn? Is it more alternative-sounding? Is it just crap? Should I throw it away and not let anybody hear it?’ There are three categories [Laughs].”
He added: “I think there’s new ground to be conquered with Korn. With Fear and the Nervous System, I feel like I tap into more of an alternative rock, indie feeling. There are many doorways I can choose when I’m working.”
Despite its infancy, Munky was able describe what direction the next Fear and the Nervous System album will take: “I think the music on the next record will probably be less structured and a little more experimental. “
He also said that the album will have more input from bass player Billy Gould (Faith No More), vocalist Steve Krolikowski (Repeater) and drummer Brooks Wackerman (Bad Relgion): “This record will be more about collaborating and writing together as a band. I think it will be a deeper, heavier, and more meaningful record since the vocalist and guy who writes the lyrics is going to be involved in every note written. That’s really going to pull you into the direct.”

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