Robb Flynn

BIOGRAPHY – Robb Flynn

Robb Flynn is best known as the lead vocalist and guitarist of heavy metal band Machine Head. Born in Oakland California in 1968, real name Lawrence Mathew Cardine; he formed his first thrash metal band Forbidden, originally called Forbidden Evil while at high school in Fremont California.

Robb Flynn played in Forbidden between 1985 and 1987 and wrote four songs that were included in their debut album – “Chalice of Blood”, “Forbidden Evil” (the original name of the band), “As Good as Dead” and also co wrote, “March into Fire”. However, he left the band before the album was released and joined rival local thrash band Vio-lence where he met present day Machine Head guitarist Phil Demmel.

In 1992, following several disagreements with band members, Flynn left Vio-lence and along with bassist Adam Duce formed Machine Head. Guitarist Logan Mader and drummer Tony Constanza completed the bands original line-up.

Machine head’s debut album “Burn My Eyes” released in 1993 established Robb Flynn as a songwriter as he touched on themes such as the Waco siege, substance abuse, urban decay and social unrest.

Machine Head has continued with much the same line up as today only with four changes to the original members. They are widely regarded as one of the pioneers of American New Wave Metal.

In 2005 Robb Flynn was selected as of the four team captains of Roadrunner United, an act to commemorate 25 years of Roadrunner records. He wrote and recorded four songs including a duet called The Dagger sung with Howard Jones of KillSwitch Engage.

Rob Flynn also released a free online version of Black Sabbath’s “Die Young” in tribute to Debbie Abono (his manager from the Vio-lence days) and Ronnie James Dio.

The Blackening has been Machine Head’s most successful album to date, released in 2007 , reaching number 54 in the US Billboard and nominated for a Grammy ward. In the same year, Robb Flynn won the Metal Hammer 2007 Golden God Award.