Sonic State’s ’10 Great Guitar Jokes’ has compiled a list of the ‘Ten Great Guitar Jokes.’ Check it out below.

While musicians are often the bearers of the brunt of a bad joke, drummers and bass players are the more common targets. However, guitarists have not been left unscathed and throughout the years some serious knee slappers at the expense of guitar players have emerged.
Sonic State point out: “You never know, there might be some bassists reading who will just be happy not to be the butt of every joke for once.”

Without any further ado, here is Sonic State’s ‘Ten Great Guitar Jokes’:
1) What does a Heavy Metal guitarist use for birth control?
His personality.
2) Why do guitarists prefer playing guitar to cycling?
Because with a bike you only get two pedals…
3) What’s the difference between a Rock Guitarist and a Jazz Guitarist?
A Rock Guitarist plays four chords to thousands of people, while a jazz guitarist plays thousands of chords to four people!
4) How many guitarists does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Just one. He holds the lightbulb and the world revolves around him.
5) What do a guitar solo and premature ejaculation have in common?
You know it’s coming and there’s nothing you can do about it.
6) A guitarist wins 15 million at the Lottery.
When a reporter asked “What are you going to do now?”
He replied “I’m going to fund a half successful career as a guitarist.”
7) How do you know someone’s a really good guitarist?
He’ll tell you!
8) How do you get a guitarist to stop playing?
Give him a sheet of music.
9) My neighbor had the audacity to knock on my door at 2am this morning. Luckily for him I was trying out my new Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier at the time.
10) Why are so many guitarists jokes one-liners?
So the rest of the band can understand them.

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