Angels/Skyhooks Guitarist Bob Spencer

The Angels/Skyhooks Guitarist Bob Spencer Diagnosed With Cancer

Renowned Australian guitarist Bob Spencer, who is best known as the former guitarist for legendary Australian rock bands the Skyhooks and The Angels, has revealed he has been diagnosed with cancer.
In a statement posted on his official Facebook page, Spencer said a cancerous tumor had been discovered while he was receiving treatment for an unrelated condition. However, he stressed the cancer was not life threatening.
His full statement read as follows: “Greetings Groovers.
“First, I’m going to be fine.
“Second, I have been diagnosed with a tumour (that’s the “C” one) on my left kidney. We found out about this by accident only because I need my gallbladder removed, this concern now being completely overshadowed by the finding of a kidney growth. The tumor (which I’ve named “Eric the Freeloader”) is of a size & position to preclude it being removed from my kidney, so the kidney will need to be removed. No other growths have been found, one can function on only one kidney, so this is pretty good, all things considered. It’s been a difficult, upsetting & sleep deprived week, however, we are extremely happy & relieved about this outcome. I have had a glimpse of what others have gone through, continue to go through, & it’s no fun.
“As some of you are aware, I am an atheist, so rather than spend time on prayers or somesuch, if you feel so inclined, please use your time to go & help a friend or spend time with your kids instead. Groovy?
“Lastly, see “first” again.
Spencer is best known for replacing Red Symons as the Skyhooks guitarist in 1977. He featured on the band’s final two albums: 1978′s ‘Guilty Until Proven Insane’ and ‘Hot For The Orient.’ He later joined The Angels as a permanent member and featured on the band’s Top 10 1986 album ‘Howling’ and the chart-topping 1990 album ‘Beyond Salvation.’
Recently, Spencer was scheduled to tour with the Doc Neeson-fronted version of The Angels (along with Graham ‘Buzz’ Bidstrup, James Morley, and Jim Hilbun), however the tour cancelled after Neeson was hospitalized and diagnosed with a brain tumor.
Stay tuned for further updates.