Enterprise Earth

Think Piece: Enterprise Earth- “Embodiment”

Deathcore is a funny little beast. Often derided by traditional press, there’s a veritable cult of fans that have transformed current genre leaders Oceano and Carnifex into some of heavy music’s most notable burgeoning voices. The genre itself is like the bastard step child of death metal and hardcore–that kid in the lunchroom that wins everybody over through being unabashedly himself. 

 The genesis of the style can be traced back to bludgeoning early works from Job For A Cowboy (whom attracted the admiration of none other than Demi Lovato, but that’s another whole story), the razor sharp The Red Chord (whose Guy Kozowyk actually became a cop in a really cool turn-of-events) and even some of Bring Me The Horizon’s introductory fare–the first step on a long and fascinating evolution.That brings us to Enterprise Earth. Signed to Attila Frontman Chris “Fronz” Fronzak’s dope indie label Stay Sick Recordings, the Spokane outfit–Dan Watson [vocals], Byron James “BJ” Sampson [guitar], Gordon McPherson [bass], Aaron O’Toole [drums], and Yusuf Johnson [guitar]–elevate the genre itself to new heights on their second full-length Embodiment. As an aside, it’s pretty cool to think something this heavy can still be bred in the Pacific Northwest–these days the area isn’t exactly known for explosive music, rather it’s currently a cradle for hipsterdom…
Back to the album…shuddering and staggering distorted riffs abound in between bone-chilling (and -sawing) screams during the appropriately titled “Shroud of Flesh” and “Never Forgive, Never Forget.” The album resembles the sound of vengeance come to life as everything culminates on the epic beatdown of the finale “Deathwind.” The grinding and grating of guitars and vocals create an effortless fiction that’s perfectly primed for sparking mosh pits.

In the end, Enterprise Earth embody the future of deathcore on Embodiment.

By: Rick Florino

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