Think Piece: Seether Keep Writing Massive Anthems on “Poison The Parish”

It’s crazy to think that Seether’s first full-length album, Disclaimer, arrived 15 years ago. Since 2002, the trio—Shaun Morgan [vocals, guitar], Dale Stewart [bass], and John Humphrey [drums]—have consistently churned out the kind well-crafted distortion-driven rock tunes that rule radio with lyrics worthy of tattoos. In fact, the boys have a catalog of tunes like “Fake It,” “Fine Again,” “Country Song,” and “Remedy” that are impossible not to hum along to. Like clockwork, they’ve delivered again and again for over a decade without slowing down, stopping, or sacrificing their integrity. That’s the mark of a powerful rock band.

Listen to what passes for “alternative” in 2017, and you won’t find one song that sticks with the emotional heft and staying power of Seether. They’re a tried-and-true rock band in the sense of Dirt-era Alice In Chains or Vs. days Pearl Jam. Poison The Parish is locked and loaded with a bevy of those kinds of tunes. In fact, it’s easily the band’s best work since 2007’s Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces, ranking up there in the discography.

Morgan’s gravelly deliver and searing riffs fuel opener “Stoke The Fire.” The hook sears and singes with an undeniable melody. The acoustic “I’ll Survive” strips Seether back to a stark core, illuminating the delicate lyrical architecture at the heart of the band’s aural assault. Meanwhile, the single “Let You Down” yields a festival-size chant steeped in unpredictable unease and palpable pain. Stand out “Count Me Out” hones the group’s soft-loud dynamic to perfection. With Morgan’s deft production vision, the record hits especially hard.

Poison The Parish is the kind of album that deserves to shoot to the forefront of pop culture. There’s too much pseudo-danceable, guitar-less drivel that’s flooding the marketplace. Seether are three real dudes, rocking real instruments, and writing real songs. This is just the poison we need out there. Drink it down.

Poison The Parish drops Friday May 12.