Tickets To Dave Mustaine’s ‘Symphony Interrupted’ On Sale Now

Tickets to Megadeth guitarist/vocalist Dave Mustaine’s forthcoming performance with the San Diego Symphony are on sale now. They can be purchased by following the link below.
The show, dubbed ‘Symphony Interrupted,’ will take place at Copley Symphony Hall in San Diego, California on Saturday, April 12th at 8:00 p.m. Mustaine will join the symphony and conductor Ken-David Masur to perform several classical pieces, including Wagner‘s ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ from ‘Die Walküre,’ Vivaldi‘s ‘Winter’ from ‘The Four Seasons’ and Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9 (the ‘New World’ Symphony).”
A statement issued on the San Diego Symphony website, described the show as a unique fusion of two genres: “…master guitarist Dave Mustaine of the thrash-metal pioneers Megadeth brings his crunchy and energetic sensibility to the great works of classical music which have inspired him over the course of his Grammy-nominated, multiplatinum-selling career. When Dave Mustaine and the San Diego Symphony perform Richard Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries,” the heavy-metallic sparks are sure to fly!”
In a recent interview with Colorado radio station 94.3 KILO, Mustaine spoke about how the unlikely collaboration began: “…I said that I would love to do ‘Dave Mustaine interprets the dark classical ditties,’ something like that. And we talked with the San Diego Symphony, and a friend of mine runs the San Diego Opera, and she talked to them, and they were all about it. And we went down there and met the maestro, Jahja Ling, whatever his name is. I can’t pronounce his name worth a darn, but we met, and he was all about it.”
He added: “It’s basically gonna be a symphony orchestra playing these really dark scary songs and me coming in and out of the performances playing guitar over it… It’s gonna be really cool. I think it’s exciting.”
Moreover, Mustaine said the performance would most likely be recorded: “I’m sure they’re gonna tape it. They’re gonna want to tape it. You know, it’s a symphony, so the building there is acoustically perfect. I mean, I don’t know how loud I’m gonna be playing, but, you know, the great thing about orchestras is the majority of them aren’t miked, because everything’s acoustically tuned perfectly. So I think it’ll be really neat.”
Click here for more information and to purchase a ticket to the show.