My Top 10 Heavy Metal Lyricists

The metal genre features all kinds of lyricists. Some speak in literal terms, while some use symbolism, allegory or other methods to convey their messages. Metal’s themes and lyrical contents are far reaching and encompass all kinds of different vibes, thoughts, textures and meaning. Unlike other genres such as pop music, which often has very typical and shallow lyrics (not all, but a lot of it does) metal has a true span of very interesting and unique themes. From determination and hardship, to dungeons and dragons crossed with a history lesson, there are endless topics spoken of that make up our beloved genre.

I have always believed that you either feel heavy metal or you don’t. People who cannot listen or dismiss the aggressive, abrasive style of music sometimes do so because they lack the insight and the “ear” to properly take in what they are listening to. I equate it to this: if you walked into a classroom where astrophysics was being taught in Chinese, and given the fact that you did not speak a word of Chinese, how would this resonate with you? Okay, it’s an odd comparison to bring about, but to the untrained ear it is extremely hard to comprehend the metal genre’s sounds, and especially the vocals – maybe as difficult as if I tried to learn astrophysics right now. Given a bit of time and some attention though, anything is possible.

Regardless, metal fans love the music and love the lyrical content and before I wander too much away from the subject, I want to make sure that I don’t lose the reader too much. We live for the content provided by all metal bands, from Cannibal Corpse through to Pantera, as well as newer bands. Singers in metal have a lot to say – some do it with falsetto and some do it with growling and screaming. Despite the delivery, the intentions and purpose remain steadfast and the lyrical content is sometimes literal or less straightforward, allowing the listener to infer what he or she wants.

Without further ado, here are my top ten heavy metal lyricists. Click the blue button to get started!

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